The Islamic Republic news agency of ISNA quoted parliamentarian Hossein Sobhani-nia saying that, in recent years, Rashidiyan had functioned as the general director of this province’s intelligence agency and deputy minister of intelligence.

Javad Karimi Qodousi, another parliamentarian, said Rashidiyan’s role was Deputy Executive Assistant of Khamenei’s Office and the head inspector of Khamenei’s residence.

According to the Iranian media, this province was left without a governor for seven months since no accord could be reached on who would be governor. Hossein Sobhani-nia added: Rashidiyan is one of the experienced officials of this province and they all know him.

Secretariat of the Front that Follows the Line of Imam and Leader in Khorassan Razavi told Mehr news agency: Rashidiyan has an exemplary record in management of security and intelligence bodies. 

For many years Rashidiyan worked in the management of the infamous Central Intelligence Department of the province. He is supported by fundamentalists and he played a considerable role in creating an atmosphere of terror in the province. Many residents in this province despise him for his participation in the suppression of the people. The political prisoners in this province and especially in Mashhad know Rashidiyan quite well. He has been active for many years as an intelligence director under various pseudonyms.