Iranian political prisoner Hazeh Darvish in an audio message to the Iranian people and the world from the Lakan prison of Rasht said: “November 2019 is still continuing under the skin of the cities. The blood of the martyrs of Iran exposed the crimes of the Iranian regime to the world, and now the world community is informed what the theocratic fascisms have done with the Iranian people.

Hamzeh Darvish emphasized that they (Freedom-loving Iranians) will continue their fight with full power against Khamenei’s regime.

Hamzeh Darvish, who published an open letter, addressed to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on the holding of the Aban Tribunal, held in London over the regime’s crackdown on November 2019 protesters, expressed his happiness over the hearings that were held to prosecute the perpetrators of the massacre of 1500 people in the 2019 protests and said:

“The holding of such a trial is good but not enough. I hope that Khamenei and his sons and all his mercenaries will soon be tried in a people’s court in Iran and front of international journalists for all their atrocities and massacres and that they will be punished in public.”

In a part of this message, he stated:

“As you know, some of Iran’s people, who were worried about the devastating economic situation of themselves and their families and loved ones, took to the streets to protest against the high price of gasoline. But the terror regime of the Velayat-e-Faghih led by the child killer Khamenei, because of being a dictatorship did not tolerate the protests and cut off the internet and shot the people. So that more than 1,500 people were killed in three days.”

Then in another part of his message, he said: “This is not the first time that the religious dictatorship of Iran committed massacres, but in the 80s, and especially in 1988, it killed more than 120,000 prisoners. But at that time, due to the lack of communication, the world was not informed of what happened to us and our dear people.

“A regime that in the name of Islam is not only stained with the blood of the Iranian people but also with the people of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and other parts of the world. Some time ago, a member of its parliament said that we killed, and now who can prosecute me?

“I was a political prisoner, like the justice-seeking mothers (of the November 2019 protests) say to this MP of the regime, that if you dare come out only one day without weapon and bodyguards with your miserable leader, we and the Iranian people will prosecute you.”

Finally, he said to the regime: “Down with Khamenei and damn Khomeini, they cannot do anything anymore. Except for torture, imprisonment, and long solitary confinement. Now I do not fear their tortures and long imprisonments and not solitary confinement. I will continue my fight with full power against the criminal and terrorist Khamenei.”