Mostafa Tajzadeh one of the Iran government’s experts admitting about a society on the verge of an explosion with completely different demand and the people’s increasing hatred against the regime pointed to a situation changing against the regime and said:

“We are entering a new phase of popular protests and the (regime) must prepare itself for. The fact is that the condition in our country is witnessing the accumulation (of problems), from the environment, the climate to the spread of corruption and economic problems.

“In fact, the people are coming to the scene and protesting. These actions that have been taken cannot be attributed to foreigners, cannot be called separatist. And most importantly, they cannot be ignored in any way or reassured by short-term ransom.

“If we want to act like in the past, the problems will increase day by day. In addition to the lack of a strategic vision, we have also had a special problem in recent years, and we have looked at security and national interests in such a way that we have lost many opportunities to solve people’s problems and satisfy them, and it is dangerous if this practice continues.” (State-run daily Shargh, November 27, 2021)

This is something that we have witnessed in Isfahan in recent days, despite the regime threats and repression yesterday the people once again get on the streets and demanded their basic rights.

On Friday, November 26, the people of Iran, protested, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies.

Despite the atmosphere of fear, farmers defrauded people, Shahrekord residents, miners, and workers took to the streets protesting officials’ failure to keep their promises and resolve their dilemmas.

Isfahan province, central Iran—footage provided by locals shows security forces ran over old citizens with motorcycles.

During their heinous suppression, security forces wounded at least 50 protesters, including old people, today.

Isfahan province, central Iran—footage shows tired security forces have frustratedly laid beside the streets following their heinous attacks on defenseless protesters.

“These soldiers wait for being replaced by fresh forces. Don’t behave people on this way,” the voice says.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”Death to the dictator,” defiant youths chant on the streets despite the brutal suppression with more than 50 injuries.

Several people have reportedly been killed today.

Isfahan province, central Iran—to prevent further attacks by security forces, youths block the roads leading up to the Jarghuyeh district and Gharneh village in the east of the province.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”This great number of people have come to fight the supreme leader,” “Death to Khamenei,” and “Khamenei; shame on you, get rid of the country,” protesters chant.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”We’ve come to fight; fight,” protesters chanted during the early hours of security forces’ attack against farmers and residents at the basin of the Zayandehrood.

Isfahan province, central Iran—footage shows security forces viciously raiding people’s homes in Isfahan.

“Look, they have shot tear gas into our balcony,” says a resident inside his home.

Isfahan province, central Iran—during their attacks on defenseless farmers and residents, who peacefully sought their water rights, security forces wound an eye of an old farmer.

“They were not thugs, they were security forces,” the farmer says.

Isfahan province, central Iran—security force kills a protester during their attacks against defenseless farmers and residents.

The real number of victims and injuries is still unclear.

Isfahan province, central Iran—following footage shows a young protester who has been wounded during security forces’ attacks on defenseless farmers and residents today.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”Death to the dictator,” chant protesting farmers and residents in response to security forces’ vicious attacks with tear gas and bird guns.

Isfahan province, central Iran—security forces target defenseless farmers at the basin of Zayandehrood river with tear gas and bird guns.

“Disgrace, disgrace,” protesters chant.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”Noble Isfahani, support us,” protesters call on their fellow citizens to aid them at the Zayandehrood’s rally.

Defenseless farmers are under security forces’ vicious attacks. One protester has been murdered.

Isfahan province, central Iran—brave farmers continue their protests at the Zayandehrood river despite security forces’ attacks.

Security forces have killed at least one protester during the cruel suppression.

Isfahan province, central Iran—footage from Khaju bridge shows anti-riot forces trying to disperse peaceful farmers with tear gas and bird guns.

Videos show police setting protesters’ tents ablaze; however, state media lay blame on ‘rioters,’ claiming some rioters are detained.

Lorestan province, central Iran—residents rally outside the Qal’e [the famous castle] in Khorramabad, protesting officials’ failure to address water shortages.

Isfahan province, central Iran—security forces’ vicious attacks raise brave protesters to defend themselves and their families at all costs.

Warning sign: The video contains vulgar language.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”Death to the dictator,” brave protesters chant on the streets, declaring their hatred over the entire ruling system.

Isfahan province, central Iran—footage shows brave women have stood in front of security forces, supporting protesters.

“Basij forces are our enemy,” a woman chants.

Isfahan province, central Iran—”Look at this 80-year-old farmer, who has been wounded by birdshot guns. He had come to obtain his water right,” explains the voice.

“[The farmer] says ‘I’m ready to fall martyr for the Zayandehrood,’ but we don’t allow. Is this his water right?”

Isfahan province, central Iran—video shows several security forces have surrounded a young man on the street and brutally beat him.

Authorities have dispatched enormous anti-riot forces across the city, fearing public hatred and further anti-establishment protests.