Overcrowding of prisoners kept in ward 3 has reached several times its capacity, and most prisoners must sleep on the floor, according to reports from Zahedan’s Central Prison. The toilets and bathrooms are so old and worn-out, they are nearly useless. The prisoners must queue for long periods before they are able to use them. There’s no hot water during the day, so bathing, especially for elderly and sick prisoners, isn’t possible. Rations of shampoo and other hygienic products have been cut off, so hygiene is nearly non-existant.

Political prisoners are housed with dangerous prisoners. The prisoners in other wards call ward 3 the “Exile Ward” because the conditions are known to be so inhumane.

Food quality is the prison is deplorable, but in ward 3 it is so bad that it’s inedible. The bread is not fully cooked, and the meals are so low-quality that the prisoners throw it in the trash, rather than attempting to eat it.

Access to medicine and medical service isn’t available for  political prisoners, and investigators connected to the Ministry of Intelligence prevent political prisoners who need hospitalization to be taken outside the prison.