He described the conditions as “worrying”.

Khademi said: “When I visited the school in this village, I saw two places used for keeping animals. I noticed that one of them was dedicated to being used as a classroom. This is worrying, the fact that after more than 30 years from the revolution we see such places used for education in the country.”

He addressed the regime’s Minister of Education to ask why children in Khuzestan province had to study in animal shelters and how far this problem went across Iran.

Khademi said that it wasn’t as if Iran did not have the money to build a classroom, citing the widespread embezzlements across the country.

He said the villages were lacking amenities and being run inefficiently leading to deprived citizens.

He added: “There are many areas and villages that have these same problems while nothing has been done for them in recent years… I wonder where I should shout about this injustice. Why do the officials pay no attention to this town?”