Every day, one of the many officers of the Iranian regime’s oppressive police force takes the opportunity to warn the people, especially the youth, about the consequences of their protests. Currently, Iran is experiencing a new era of increasing protests which have been triggered by the regime’s decision to increase the price of the most basic goods.

One of the police force’s excuses to further repress the youths is to fake the discovery of drugs in order to intimidate the youths and demonstrate control over them. Ghasem Rezaei, the deputy commander of FARAJA (The Farsi acronym for State Security Force Command), made a shocking confession showing the deplorable situation that has been inflicted on the Iranian people by the regime, saying, “This year, the State Security Force Command complex has discovered more than 105 tons of different types of drugs.”

This amount of narcotics is a catastrophe that has turned Iran into hell, while on the other hand, it is a disgraceful scandal for a regime that has prepared the ground for dragging people into the vortex of death.

In the current climate in Iranian society, some young people, due to pressures and futility, take refuge in drugs that are distributed widely by the regime’s brokers in the cities.

With several drugs easily available across the cities of Iran, this helps to prevent the presence of unemployed, talented, and energetic youths at anti-regime protest rallies. Moreover, with the regime taking control over the lucrative drug market, it stands to gain many benefits.

The IRGC, which is the main smuggler of drug trafficking, especially heroin, to Russia and Europe, benefits greatly from this. Following the imposition of US sanctions, the regime is trying to gain money and circumvent the sanctions, with drug and arms trafficking being among the most important sources of illicit income for this organization.

However, by reporting the fake discovery of drugs, the regime is using this tactic to put on a hollow show of power, but at the same time, it also portrays these drug busts as ‘a catastrophe’ and ‘a scandal.’

Rezaei stated, “Statistics show that more than 90 percent of the world’s discoveries of narcotics are made by Iran.”

This comes as no surprise as the Iranian people face a regime that aims to preserve its power through destruction and repression. The killing of people in the recent protests in the cities of Lorestan and Khuzestan is a testament to the fact that the regime can never survive without torturing, killing, starving the people, and exerting the most severe pressure.

According to IRNA, and thanks to the regime’s policies, “The age of addiction has fallen below 18 years.”

IRNA added, “More than two weeks after the publication of this news which the official custodians of this issue (Anti-Narcotics Headquarters) did not deny, unfortunately, it can be considered accurate and precise.”

The reduction in the reported age of addiction to below 18 means that some high school teens in their final years of education will likely face consequences that will seriously affect their future. Not only will it create heavy economic and psychological costs and consequences, but it also places a great burden on society.