from the explosions at Iran’s main nuclear sites and the 25-year contract between Iran and China which has caused a lot of skepticism, he tried to stop the decision by the regime’s MPs to impeach the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, which will divide the regime even more while it suffers from many challenges.

So as not to frustrate the MPs, first he praised them and called the 11th parliament the strongest and most revolutionary ever after the revolution. He said: “The presence of motivated, faithful, energetic, educated and efficient youth, on the side of some of the revolutionary managers with past executive records, as well as a number of veterans with representative experience, made the 11th parliament a very good and hopeful parliament.”

Maybe he is pointing to the regime’s parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf who is one of the most corrupted people in Iran’s history.

Khamenei added that the presence of the ministers in the first month of the parliament’s start of work was a very good job. But the ministers should not be insulted or slandered. And “emotional” and “illogical” reactions should be prevented.

“There should not be an emotional or illogical approach. A sedate approach is reasonable even sometimes strong, that you are not accepting the other party’s words absolutely, that is, you are rejecting them one hundred percent. This is not a problem, but this opposite vote should be expressed in a way, that when someone outside the parliament watches, they feel that you are right.”

In this way, Khamenei reacted to the recent moves and speeches of some of the MPs, from the impeachment plan against the regime’s president to the attacks on Mohammad Javad Zarif, the regime’s foreign minister, and reminded them that they should be “reasonable and logical.”

But he did not exclude Rouhani from the current problems and said that the current problems are because of the negligence of some of the officials over the past years. He said, “If the idea of self-reliance and national self-confidence continues to spread, especially among young people, and the country’s strong stamina is used, and false hopes are pushed out of the borders and conditioning Iran’s economy is weakened, I am confident that economic problems can be solved.”

While pointing to the regime’s ailing and disastrous economy and the coronavirus pandemic, like other regime officials he laid blame on the people for the current COVID-19 situation and said that some people are refusing to wear masks, and he asked the people to pray.

Breaking his silence after a week, the regime’s supreme leader showed the MPs who the real decision-maker in Iran is. And he made clear they should not overstep their mark and should know their role, which he has determined for them. Afterward, Ghalibaf, stressing the need to work with other forces, said it was a mistake to address any marginal subjects that would prevent the parliament from resolving the people’s problems.


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