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Special force and plainclothes attacked people in Kermanshah

Following the gathering a group of Hassan Rohani’s supporters in Kermanshah, special force and plainclothes had beaten the people with electric batons, shockers and hemlock.

According to reports reached to daily news analysis of (NNS ROJ) in the early evening hours of June 23, groups of plainclothes and special unit force in Kermanshah, using pepper gas, tear gas, batons and electric shockers had attacked and beaten the people in rally in the neighborhood “Nobahar”.

This report is adding the attack had happened while a group of people were chanting slogans in support of “Hassan Rohani”. At this moment the direction of slogans have changed and demonstrators started to chant “if election is rigged again, Iran would stand up like resurrection day” and “ political prisoners must be released”.

The continuation of slogans by people and the tense situation had made the security forces to storm at them with electric batons, shockers and pepper spray and beaten them.

Also, a group of special force had driven their motorcycles among the demonstrators in order to spread the demonstrators around. This report is adding that the city’s environment is still very tense. after the quarrels of tonight, some demonstrators had been arrested and vehicles have also been seized.

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