In October, at least 400 protests took place in 140 cities of 30 provinces of Iran. In other words, at least 13 to 14 protests took place daily in different cities of Iran, which covered almost all of Iran.

Almost all strata of society, including workers, educators, retirees, creditors, farmers, poultry farmers, doctors, and nurses, were present at the protests. The largest share went to workers with 135 protests, followed by educators and intellectuals with 61 cases and retirees with 39 cases. It can be said that in October almost all classes protested, even the employees of the judiciary.

In some places where the regime’s agents tried to seize the people’s fields, clashes between the security forces and the people occurred.

The situation of Iranian society is unstable. During the provincial travels of the regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi and some of the ministers and MPs, they faced the anger of the people, which are furious about their living conditions and the high prices, and the delay of their wages.

About the increasing prices, the state-run daily Arman on November 13 in an article entitled the ‘insurrection of the prices’ wrote:

“Everyone is waiting for bigger and more destructive waves than the previous waves of prices. People’s lives are getting harder every day and apparently, every government that comes to power only pays attention to the margins of the issue and avoids facing the main issues.”

Raisi’s government has started its duty with hollow promises. Now after three months, it has become clear that this government is like the previous one and nothing will change. His government has announced that because of the government’s huge budget deficit, they are not able to increase wages until the end of the Persian calendar year (March 2022).

About the wages and the government’s budget, the state-run news agency Qods on November 13 wrote:

“If the government wants to make a serious change in the 2022 budget, it must carry out a surgery on the salaries of the government’s administrative system to make things clearer. In 2021, the government did not have a free hand in the field of revenues. It does not make sense to increase the salaries in percent.”

This agency suggested the government increase the taxes to compensate the government’s budget deficit and wrote: “Tax revenues are the most important way to transform government revenues.”

Therefore, people have no other choice other than to take to the streets, protest, and risk their lives to confront the regime’s inhuman decisions and policies, while the regime has no ability to grant them their rights.