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Iran: Khamenei Warns Regime in Danger of Overthrow

As a result of the Iranian regime's failures in different aspects, public hatred against the regime is rising, citizens incline toward MEK.
As a result of the Iranian regime's failures in different aspects, public hatred against the regime is rising, citizens incline toward MEK.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned regime officials Wednesday that their rule is in danger of collapsing because of the many social and economic crises facing the country, including the coronavirus pandemic, inflation, poverty, institutionalized corruption, and the class gap.

A Week of Prison Riots in Iran 

This was echoed by other officials and the state-run media, with much-expressing fear of the growing influence of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on the people.

The state-run Hamdeli daily wrote Saturday that the economic mismanagement by the regime is so severe that “seven out of 10 deciles of citizens are below the poverty line, and the poverty line for a family of five is estimated at 100 million rials [approximately $400].”

While the Sharq media outlet wrote, “We are facing the movement of the poor. What if this trend continues? The lower classes, who make up half of Iran’s society, are extremely dissatisfied and under pressure. They will play a significant role in future developments— read uprisings.”

“More than the threat from beyond the borders, [the regime] faces domestic challenges. The sadder [and dangerous] one is the empty table and the growing hatred of a large part of the society,” said the government-linked economist Shahriyar Mandani-Pour.

It’s clear that the regime is scared senseless of an uprising by the impoverished people, but rather than sacrifice even a fraction of the billions hidden away in their secret bank accounts, the mullahs, and their cronies are just talking about the erosion of the middle class and the problems that go alongside that.

Summary of Repression and Human Rights Violations in Iran – July 2020

Let’s look at some of the biggest problems for the regime in Iran.

Covid-19 Crisis Still Claims People’s lives and Leads Citizens to Misery

Anger at the regime has increased significantly this year due to the mishandling of the pandemic, with Parliamentary Health Commission member Homayoun Sameh saying last month that Iran would not have the vaccine anytime soon, even as other countries began inoculating their populations for free. This while over 190,000 people have died from the disease in Iran.

The Growing Popularity of the Resistance Movement, PMOI/MEK

We already knew that the Iranian Resistance movement was growing in popularity after seeing the uprisings in 2018 and 2019 respectively. However, it is even more clear given the attacks they have received from the state-run media in recent weeks.

New Iranian Revolution Is Coming

The state-run Hamdeli media outlet said that the current situation “could result in the rebellion of the army of starving people at any time, triggered by any move.” This shows that the main threat to the continued rule of the mullahs is a domestic one and that any exacerbation of the situation could lead to overthrow.