1. Execution

In July 2020, at least 34 prisoners were executed. All the prisoners were men and all the executions took place in the prison. The declared age of executed prisoners ranged from 24 to 49 years.

Among the executed prisoners, two political prisoners were executed on charges of moharebeh.

  • Diako Rasoulzadeh; He was executed in Kermanshah Central Prison on July 14, 2020.
  • Saber Sheikh Abdullah, he was executed in Kermanshah Central Prison on July 14, 2020.

Among the executed prisoners, two were executed for espionage.

  • Reza Asgari; He was executed in an unknown location in Tehran on July 10, 2010.
  • Mahmoud Mousavi Majd; He was executed in Gohardasht Prison on July 20, 2020.

Among the executed prisoners, one was executed for drinking alcohol.

  • Morteza (unknown family); He was executed in Mashhad Central Prison on July 8, 2020.

Place of execution

Executions took place in Gohardasht, Central Rasht, Central Mashhad, Central Shiraz, Gorgan, Central Isfahan, Central Kermanshah, Yasuj, Central Qazvin, Central Urmia, Naqadeh, Central Hamadan, and Central Sanandaj prisons. Most executions took place in Urmia Central Prison and Mashhad Central Prison.

The motives for the executions were moharebeh, espionage, drinking alcohol, murder, drugs, and rape.

2. Arrest

During July 2020, 811 arrests were reported and recorded. Here are the details of the arrests.

Political arrests

143 people under the headings of supporting the Mojahedin Organization (MEK/PMOI), participating in Behbahan protests, participating in rallies in front of the Armenian Embassy in Tehran, participating in rallies in front of the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tabriz, participating in protests in front of the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Urmia, participating in labor rallies in Susa, participation in rallies in protests of the execution, cooperation with Kurdish parties, and invitations to protest rallies were arrested by security agents, intelligence agents, FATA police, and law enforcement.

Arbitrary arrest

In July 2020, 660 people were arrested under the headings of illegal hunting, propaganda for massage studios, and shooting at environmental forces, by the rangers, law enforcement, intelligence agents and the police for the so-called “Enjoining good and forbidding wrong.”

Arrest of religious minorities

In July 2020, eight Baha’is and Christian converts were arrested by security forces.

Social arrest

In July 2020, 30 people were arrested on charges of embezzlement, bribery, fraud, and disrupting the foreign exchange market.

3. Torture

In July 2020, we received a small number of reports of repression and torture of prisoners in the clerical regime’s prisons.

Physical torture

Shahin Mostafavi was taken to the prison yard by two guards in Bukan Prison, where he was severely beaten and tortured, and in several areas, his bones were broken. As a result of the beating, a tooth, nose, and platinum that had previously been in the prisoner’s pelvis due to a fracture were broken.

Tohid Amjad, Ahmad Amjad, and Omid Amjad, who are brothers, were beaten to death in Urmia Central Prison, by the prisons’ special guard.

Zeinab Afravi, Maryam Hamadi, Fatemeh Tonitzadeh, Zouideh Afravi, Qaisieh Afravi, Maryam Zubeidi, Makieh Nisi, Masoumeh Saidavi, Susan Saidavi, Sakineh Segor, Elahe Darvishi were tortured in Sepidar prison in Ahvaz.

Alireza Farshi and Behnam Sheikhi, civil activists in Evin Prison, were severely beaten by security forces during their detention.

Ebrahim Armesh, Mohammad Nazarian, Jalal Jafari, and Payam Jijuni, who took part in the Behbahan protests, were beaten and tortured at the Behbahan Intelligence Office.

Two female prisoners were tortured in Tabriz Central Prison and Dolatabad Prison in Isfahan.

Psychological torture

Amir Hossein Moradi, a political prisoner on death row in Greater Tehran Prison, has been denied medical treatment despite suffering from kidney disease.

Hossein Silavi, a political prisoner sentenced to death in Sheiban Prison, is denied immediate medical care and access to medical services despite his poor physical condition.

Zeinab Afravi, Maryam Hamadi, Fatemeh Tonitzadeh, Zouideh Afravi, Qaisiyeh Afravi, Maryam Zubeidi, Makieh Nisi, Masoumeh Saidavi, Susan Saidavi, Sakineh Segor, Elahe Darvish in Sepdar Ahvaz Prison are deprived of the minimum living and medical conditions in the prison.

Alireza Alinejad, a political prisoner in Evin Prison, has been denied medical treatment despite a severe ear infection and pain.

A female prisoner in Tabriz Central Prison, despite severe physical problems, is deprived of being sent to a health center and hospital. (Name has not been identified)


Sajjad Sadeghi, a radio presenter, and expert was sentenced to 74 lashes in Tehran.

The sentence of 74 lashes of Ahmad Reza Haeri, one of the defendants in the “Black Thursday of Evin” case, was carried out by the Tehran Security Police.

The sentence of 72 lashes of Fouad Enayati, one of the detainees in October 2019, was carried out in Sanandaj.

  1. Arbitrary killings

In July 2020, a number of Kolbars, merchants, and civilians were killed by the direct fire of the Border Regiment, IRGC, and police forces.

Ziad Esbati and Ebrahim Abu Bakri two Kolbars were killed in the border areas of Chaldoran and Piranshahr by direct fire from the Border Regiment.

Shamzin Ahmadi a Kolbar, who was wounded in the abdomen by three bullets fired by IRGC agents in the Soma region of Urmia, died eight days later.

Vazir Mohammadi a Kolbar, 29 years old, was killed by a close-range shot fired by the Border Regiment at the heights of Meleh Ghandi Nosud.

Reza Pourasmail Kolber, 29 years old, was shot dead by the Border Regiment at the Chaldoran border.

A shepherd was shot dead by IRGC forces on the border of Sardasht-Iraq.

A 17-year-old man was wounded in a police shooting in Omidiyeh and died the next day.

17-year-old Wahab Shahozi was shot dead by Delgan city police while he was at his work as a free taxi driver.

A prisoner named Ismail Totazahi, who was shot in the leg by police, died a month later in Zahedan Central Prison from an infection caused by a gunshot wound and a delay to send him to the hospital.

Monireh Bahrami, a prisoner in Qarchak Prison in Varamin, committed suicide in prison.

A female prisoner committed suicide and died in Qarchak Prison in Varamin. Another female prisoner committed suicide in the same prison a died, her name is unknown.

Seyed Omid Mousavi, one of the detainees of the November 2019 uprising, committed suicide in the Greater Tehran Prison.

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