On October 27, day 42 of the nationwide protests in Iran, citizens in West Azarbaijan Lorestan provinces resume demonstrations. Footage shows a large crowd heading toward the local cemeteries in Mahabad to attend the late Esmail [Simko] Moloudi’s funeral and in Khorramabad to attend the late Nika Shakarami’s funeral.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the regime has killed more than 400 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained over 20,000. The names of 260 killed protesters have been published by the MEK.

Authorities gunned down Mr. Moloudi, 35, for participating in anti-regime protests last night. Today morning, many citizens attended the cemetery, chanting: “Death to Khamenei!” and “Don’t cry; we avenge him!” referring to his mourning mother.

Local reports say authorities opened fire at protesters in Gomrok [Customs] district, where the late Esmail lived. In response, many citizens took to the streets, pushing back oppressive forces.

Afterward, outraged citizens attacked government offices, taking over the local governorate—and torching it—security forces station 11, the treasury office, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) affiliated Sepah bank and another security center. Local reports indicate citizens liberated several streets for hours.

Khorramabad Vents Anger over the Regime’s Murder of Nika Shakarami

Today, many citizens also attended the late Nika Shakarami commemoration ceremony. The regime security forces reportedly seized her in Tehran on September 20. IRGC interrogators killed her under torture; however, they claimed she committed suicide by falling from a height.

Nevertheless, no one believes the regime’s claims and propaganda campaigns anymore. The heinous murder of Nika Shakarami, 16, fueled public anger across the country, particularly in her hometown Khorramabad.

“Death to Khamenei,” “Death to [Khamenei] for decades of crime,” “This is the last message; the goal is to overthrow the entire regime,” “This is the year of Seyyed Ali [Khamenei] overthrow,” “IRGC Basij is at the end of the rope,” and “They captured our Nika, returned her lifeless body,” chanted outraged citizens.

On day 41 of Iran protests, citizens take over many streets across the country, demonstrating their determination for a free Iran.
On day 41 of Iran protests, citizens take over many streets across the country, demonstrating their determination for a free Iran.

Roundup of Protests on October 26

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 26, the 40th day after Mehsa Amini’s death, people continued their demonstrations in most of the cities of Iran. The demonstrations on this day can be described as the most unprecedented and widespread demonstrations in recent years. Tehran has become the heart and capital of the protests. Demonstrations and people resistance took place in dozens of regions.

People took control over many streets and neighborhoods, by creating barriers on the streets. As the regime late at night confessed in many places, they have lost control.

In Tehran, from Pounak and Saadat Abad in the northwest to Yusef Abad, Vali Asr, and Northern Kargar in the center, to Yakhchi Abad, Lale Zar, and to Pasdaran and Qolhak, massive demonstrations continued. In Sohrevardi, there were fierce clashes between the people and the regime’s suppressive forces.

At the same time, the bazaars in Tehran, including Lale Zar Bazaar, Iranshahr, Baharestan, Computer Passage, Amin Hozour Bazaar, Cheragh Bargh, Kashani, Nowroz Khan, Bein Al-Haramein, Sarai Melli and Bagh Sepehsalar, were closed and the bazaars stopped working.

On the other hand, students at many universities in Tehran, including, Sharif Industrial, National, Science and Technology, Khawaja Nasir, Al-Zahra, etc., joined the demonstrations. The Basij forces and repressive forces attacked the students at the National University, Al-Zahra, Kuy-e-Daneshgah of Tehran, etc. with tear gas and birdshot.

The special guard attacked the gathering of doctors who were protesting in front of the medical system organization, and a number of those present were injured. The vice president of the medical system organization resigned in protest because of this repressive behavior.

In the western cities of the country, such as Sanandaj, Kamyaran, and Bukan, as well as Qasr Shirin and Saqqez, there were major clashes. People attacked some police stations and their patrols and set them on fire. Several banks were set on fire in Qasr Shirin.

Clashes and demonstrations took place in most of Iran’s big cities, from Isfahan and Tabriz to Mashhad, Rasht, and Ahvaz. According to preliminary statistics, the uprising took place last night in more than 50 cities. The people’s slogans reflected their desire to overthrow this regime.

Demonstrators chanted slogans such as ‘We are all Mahsa, we fight to the end’, ‘death to the dictator’, ‘death to Khamenei’, ‘this year Seyed Ali will be overthrown’, ‘freedom, freedom, freedom’, ‘the IRGC commits crimes, the leader supports’, ‘I will kill whoever killed my sister’, ‘So many years of crimes, death to the supreme leader’. We do not want a government that kills children.’

The cities where the uprising took place on Wednesday included:

Tehran, Karaj, Saqqez, Kamyaran, Sanandaj, Borujard, Bojnord, Mashhad, Tabriz, Rasht, Ahvaz, Qazvin, Arak, Amol, Gorgan, Urmia, Lahijan, Najafabad, Kerman, Bukan, Golshahr, Karaj Sari, Babol, Amol, Shiraz, Zanjan, Abadan, Behbahan, Isfahan, Hamedan, Qasr Shirin, Rafsanjan, Kermanshah, Mahabad, Shahsawar, Mehrshahr Karaj, Borujen, Marivan, Astara, Andimeshk, Sabalan, Ghorveh, Ilam, Kish, Abyek.