According to Amnesty International, security forces have killed at least eight people in the past 24 hours during the protests in Iran. The security forces opened fire again on mourners and demonstrators, the human rights organization said on Thursday.

Amnesty condemned the reckless and unlawful use of firearms. Thousands of people gathered on Wednesday evening at the end of the mourning period for the late Mahsa Amini.

According to the human rights organization Hengaw, the security forces shot people and used tear gas in Amini’s hometown of Saqqez.

In the capital Tehran, security forces used tear gas against demonstrators. Eyewitnesses confirmed a massive presence of police officers and checks on the main streets in Tehran. Many shops were closed joining the rebellion. The situation in Tehran is still tense. In many places, demonstrators also shouted anti-regime slogans.

Towards evening people also came together in Tehran to sing exuberantly on the street. The presence of women was significant in all parts of the metropolis.

At night, various areas of Tehran, including Chitgar, Majidieh, shush, Tehranpars, Farjam, Hashemi, Shahrara, Tehransar, Shahrak-e Shahed, and Heravi Square witnessed massive demonstrations.

Yesterday cities, including Mashhad, Isfahan, Arak, Kermanshah, Bandar Abbas, Piranshahr, Abik-e Karaj, various areas of Rasht, Hamadan, Borujerd, Kamyaran, Bukan, Ahvaz, Andimeshek, Astara, Amol, Khorramabad, Junqan, Lahijan, Saveh, Piranshahr, Tankabon, Borujen, Fouladshahr and Malek Shahr of Isfahan were the scene of demonstrations and clashes with regime’s forces.

Students also continued to protest at universities in Iran on Thursday. In Tehran and other parts of the country, there were also clashes with security forces at universities, who acted violently, as videos on social networks showed.

The brave youth and people of Khorramabad turned the 40th day of Nika Shakrami’s death into a scene of anti-regime demonstrations. They chanted against the integrity of the regime while they gathered around Nika’s tomb.

The people of Khoramabad joined the protests while attacking the regime’s bases in this city because of the murder of a 35-year-old man named Esmail Moloudi. He was killed the day before by the regime’s security forces.

The international community is responding to the regime’s inhuman behavior with more sanctions. Meanwhile, the regime responded to punitive measures, putting European politicians and institutions on a sanctions list.

Today, Friday, October 28, on the 43rd day of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people, protests, and strikes are still ongoing. So far, nationwide demonstrations have been recorded in more than 198 cities with 400 martyrs and 20,000 arrests. The names of 260 of these martyrs have been announced by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Thousands of people of Balochistan gathered at the Makki Mosque in Zahedan, with the call of Baloch activists. Tens of thousands of people came to Zahedan to express their solidarity with the families of the martyrs and support popular protests in Iran.

After the Friday prayer, they started their demonstration by chanting death to Khamenei. The received news indicates that in Zahedan, the conflict between the youth and the repressive forces has intensified. The people of Saravan, Iranshahr, and Soran also came to the streets. The received news indicates that the security forces started shooting at the people.

Miandoab citizens take to the streets, chanting: Death to the dictator!

Saqqez citizens continue anti-regime protests.

Kurdistan, West Iran—Protesters set tires ablaze, blocking the streets. Authorities shooting at citizens.

Isfahan, Citizens resume anti-regime protests, chanting: Death to the dictator!

Arak citizens resume the protests, chanting: Death to the dictator!

Bukan citizens take control of the streets, chanting: Death to Khamenei!

Borujerd citizens resume protests, chanting: [Khamenei] is a disgrace!

Urmia citizens continue anti-regime protests, chanting: Death to the dictator!

Dorud citizens set Khamenei’s banners ablaze across the city.

Citizens in Kalhorabad, Bukan, take control of the streets, chanting: Death to the dictator! Death to Khamenei!

Hit-and-run conflicts continue between protesters and oppressive forces in Tonekabon.

Footage shows Qasr-e Shirin citizens resuming anti-regime protests.

Saqqez citizens pay homage to the late Fereydoun Mahmoudi, killed by oppressive forces on September 19.

Footage shows Saqqez citizens resume anti-regime protests.

Urmia citizens block the streets in the Valiasr district, getting ready for protests.

Footage shows oppressive forces heading to the Makki mosque, Zahedan, with heavy machine guns and mini Katyusha rocket launchers.

Footage shows anti-regime protests continue in Mahabad, authorities firing birdshot and teargas at citizens.

Merchants are on strike in Baneh.

Reports say authorities fire teargas at protesters in Zahedan.

Galikesh worshippers declare their support for Molana Abdolhamid’s stance against the oppressive regime following the Friday Prayer.

Footage shows Iranshahr worshippers joining the protests following the Friday Prayer.

Local reports say Mahabad citizens have taken to the streets, continuing anti-regime protests.

Saravan citizens take over the streets, chanting: This is the year of Seyyed Ali [Khamenei] overthrow!

Zahedan citizens take to the streets, chanting: Death to Khamenei!

Following authorities opening fire on worshippers in Zahedan, several people were killed and injured. Local sources confirmed that the regime has killed two young men so far.

Iranshahr citizens take over the streets, chanting: I’ll kill whoever killed my brother!

October 28, Day 43 Sistan & Baluchestan, South East of Iran. A large number of Zahedan citizens take to the streets, chanting: Mullahs must get lost!