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Iran: Mass-Killer Ebrahim Raisi Issues Repression Order

Iran's Judiciary head Ebrahim Raisi issues repression order under the excuse of security in fear of restoring the November 2019 protests.

Ebrahim Raisi, who is now Iran’s head of the judiciary and was previously one of the perpetrators of the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988, issued an order to prosecutors across the country to suppress the people and the youth. Raisi, who attended the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary on Monday, November 2, emphasized that the relevant officials have a mission to prevent the security of the system from being threatened by acting with a decisive and timely approach. 

Anniversary of the Bloody November 2019 Protests

Considering the anniversary of the November 2019 protestsRaisi justified the suppressive organizations in order to prevent any protest movements and rallies on the part of the people through intelligence and security work and prompt and timely action. 

Addressing prosecutors across the country, Raisi said: “The authorities have a mission to prevent any misdemeanors from occurring by law.” He considered the protests of the people as tantamount to promoting evil and disrupting the security of the country. “They must take preventive measures to prevent those who openly want to harm the security of society in some way and prevent them from taking any action, he stressed. 

Raisi also referred to the November 4 (13 Aban), which has been designated by Iran’s government as “Student Day” and “Fight against global arrogance.” “This day should be made a symbol for identifying the methods of global arrogance and the need to teach it to all generations,” he added.

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The Main Issue Is Security 

“Our central issue is securityUnder no circumstances should security in this country be compromised, under no circumstances. Some want to harm the security of the people and deprive them of security by creating evil and insecurity, by creating corruption in various areas. Whether in an alley or a neighborhood or on the outskirts of a city or a big city. Does not differ. Insecurity is by no means acceptable,” he said. He stressed that all economic, social, and cultural measures are secondary and that all officials should pay attention to maintaining the security of the country. 

Khamenei Uses “Security” As Excuse for Suppression

In this regard, he addressed the security, law enforcement, and judicial officials of the country with a direct mission to deal decisively with the miscreants (people and youth) and stop their protest actions. 

On this issue, according to reports received on Monday, November 2, the authorities, fearing a ceremony for the martyrs of the November uprising, summoned the families of the martyrs to the intelligence office in various cities and warned them about holding a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of the uprising.

Officials from the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIShave threatened the families of the martyrs that all family members will be arrested if the ceremony is held and videos and pictures of the ceremony are posted on social media. 

Another report on Monday confirmed that in continuation of the regime’s fear on the eve of the anniversary of the November 2019 uprising, the governorates, and governorships and well as the security forces in Tehran have been placed on high alert. 

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