Therefore the regime’s response to the outbreak has been arresting political activists, suppressing prison riots, increasing the number of executions, and covering up the truth out about the virus, infection rates, and death tolls. 

Any other government would have increased healthcare and instituted a quarantine, but the regime knows that after 40 years of oppressive rule, the Iranian people are ready to revolt against the mullahs, who have kept them down for so long. 

Even more, people have been made unemployed, which is adding to the 80% of the population who already lived under the poverty line and increasing the number with nothing to lose but their shackles.  

The true number of job losses because of the virus maybe 6.4 million in the end and most of these do not have insurance coverage. Many of these people have been forced to scavenge through garbage, hoping to find something to sell, or take on dangerous unstable work. 

Even state-run media is reporting that economic conditions, which have been getting worse since the 1979 revolution, have been pressured further by the coronavirus and that this should serve as a wakeup call for the regime if they wish to remain in power. 

But the regime is not heeding the warning by making improvements to people’s lives. Even their muchhyped 21% increase in the minimum wage, announced on April 9 by Labour Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari, is below the official inflation rate of 41%, which violates Article 41 of the regime’s Labor Law. 


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The trouble, of course, is that the regime does have the money to help, tucked away in foundations controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), but they do not wish to spend it on the people, despite prompts from state-run media and officials who believe that the regime is on its last legs. 

That’s why they forced poor people back to work, which has resulted in a second wave of the virus. The regime cannot backtrack on 40 years of oppression. They are hopelessly deadlocked. 

The National Council of Resistance of Iran said: “Sending people back to work, arresting people for telling the truth about the coronavirus outbreak and suppressing prison riots are among the regime’s desperate attempts to control the restive Iranian society. Telling the truth about the extent of this crisis, quarantining people yet not backing them financially, sending them back to work or covering up this situation will lead to an uprising.  In a nutshell, the regime is in a deadlock.” 


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