These pro-MEK messages and slogans, put up in cities including, but not limited to Arak, Karaj, Qazvin, Fardis, Urmia, Semnan, Rafsanjan, Babolsar, Mahshahr, Khorramshahr, Qom, Hamedan, Islamshahr, Behbahan, Andimeshk, Isfahan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Damavand, Shahriar, Qaemshahr, Gachsaran, Saveh, and Takestan, showed solidarity with the workers and the impoverished people of Iran. 


These slogans, put up in the busiest places of cities, included: 

  • Maryam Rajavi: The workers cry that ‘we are hungry’, is a great disgrace for the clerical regime 
  • Massoud Rajavi: To get one’s rights from the inhuman religious dictatorship, one must rise and revolt 
  • The workers and the impoverished will never give in 
  • Workers and the impoverished rights will only materialize with the overthrow of the religious dictatorship 
  • Greetings to the labor political prisoners who resist in the [regime’s] torture chambers, down with [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei 
  • The workers and the impoverished, consider the velayat-e faqih’s dictatorship as the source of the misery for the majority of the Iranian people, down with the principal of velayat-e faqih 
  • The slogan of every Iranian worker is: Death to Khamenei and Rouhani, the cause of destruction, and Coronavirus tragedy 
  • Deprived workers, MEK stands with you and supports your struggle 
  • Workers: We are hungry, Khamenei and Rouhani are responsible for hunger, unemployment, etc.
  • Hail to Rajavi, down with Khamenei 

The Iranian regime has been putting the workers of Iran under pressure since the mullahs first stole power in the 1979 Revolution, but workers today are facing the biggest problems that they’ve ever faced because of the coronavirus. Not only do they have to deal with all of the problems of working under the regime (i.e. low wages, no sick benefits, high unemployment, no workers’ rights), but they also have to deal with the threat of getting sick and dying because the mullahs forced them back to work amid a pandemic. 

The MEK described this as Iranian workers having to fight both the virus and the regime “empty-handed”. 

President Hassan Rouhani tried to justify sending the Iranian people back to work, essentially making them cannon fodder against the virus, while the ultra-rich mullahs stay safely in their homes. He said that people will die if they stay home and cannot afford to feed their families. 


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The only reason that keeping people at home will kill them is that the regime refuses to pay workers to stay home; something that many other governments have done and that the MEK says that the mullahs could easily afford. The regime sent people back to work to evade an uprising, like those seen in November and January, of the 3 million unemployed workers that could overthrow the regime. 

The MEK wrote: “Under such circumstances, Iranian workers have been deprived of all the rights they had obtained over the past 100 years through suffering and struggle. They do not have reliable insurance or job security or the right to form organizations and unions. They do not enjoy the minimum safety standards in factories and workshops and do not have the right to protest. Each protest is responded to with imprisonment, torture.” 


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