The residents of Kazerun disapproved of the planned changes and rallied to voice their opposition, but things became much worse after the police showed up and tried to force them to disperse.

There are videos of the violent attacks from Iran’s security forces circulating online, where protesters can be heard chanting slogans like “State Radio and Television Should be Ashamed,” “The Government Supports Gazans, But Betrays Kazerun,” and “Our Enemy is Here, not in the US”.

According to unconfirmed reports, the protesters may have attacked the police station and nearby government buildings following the arrival of the security forces.

Prior to the protests, opponents of the changes have gathered signatures, disowned their member of parliament for introducing the deal, gone on strike, but none of these produced the desired result.

Thus, they began a new round of protest actions, including occupying the location of Friday Prayers in Iran, calling for the resignation of some local officials and decrying the Iranian Regime as a whole.

This caught the attention of the media and the internet as the slogans were remarkably similar to those used by protesters in the nationwide Iranian uprising that sprung up in December 2017.

These protests, where all involved are calling for an end to the Iranian Regime and decrying the mullahs’ lies about who the real enemies are, show that the Iranian people as a whole want regime change. It is not isolated to any particular group or issue, but the overwhelming desire of the people of Iran.

Even a member of parliament in the province admits that these protests are about more than the redrawing of boundary lines.

MP Bahram Parsaeinejad said that these are the “same protests we see in other parts of the society” and that people are looking to be heard on wide-reaching issues, like the dire situation of the Iranian economy.

While Parvaneh Salahshouri, a representative from Tehran, wrote in a memo: “The responsible authorities, whether they accept it or not, are on one side and people are on the other side. We can see proof of this in Isfahan and Kazerun and many other places. We must be aware that for years now people have been under pressure and these [protests] amount to acts of civil disobedience.”

A solution has yet to be found to the crisis, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that the Iranian Regime is incapable of reform and the only solution is regime change by and for the people of Iran.