Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have now, in the wake of the US withdrawal, banded together to come up with ideas for a US-led containment campaign against Iran.

While the sanctions already being proposed and implemented by the US are a good start, they don’t really go far enough to stop Iran, even if they do limit investment from international companies.

This is because Iranian expansionism largely took place before the nuclear deal was signed and the comprehensive sanctions against Iran in the early Obama years did not stop the Regime from supporting terrorist groups (i.e. the Houthis) and ruthless dictators (i.e. Syria’s Bashar Assad) across the Middle East.

Thus, the three countries want more effort to tackle Iran, including:

• focused military action to tackle the expansionism that the Regime has been able to do since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003
• confrontation of the Iranian Regime in Iraq, where Saudi Arabia has offered to play a diplomatic role in its place
• choking the Iranian economy
• weakening the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Iranian proxies
• sending Iranian proxies (i.e. Hezbollah) back to their own countries
• preventing the Iranian Regime from further implantation in Syria
• persuading other countries (i.e. Turkey and Russia) that an expansionist Iran will not serve its interests

This is a good start, but it fails to address the most glaring problem with Iran: The Iranian Regime are incapable of change.

After nearly 40 years of appeasement, including brief periods of containment, the Iranian Regime had failed to modify its behaviour. The country is run by fanatical mullahs who would rather see their country burn than change the way that they do things. Therefore, any attempts to pressure them will not bring change to Iran or peace to the Middle East.

The only way to tackle the problem of Iranian expansionism is through regime change, which the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance are loudly calling out for. Any other policy will fail to address the actual problem and therefore fail to keep the world safe from Iran.