Fars news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, March 3 – Discovery of 16,000 packets of firecrackers in the city of Karaj [near Tehran]: Seyyed Hossein Seyyed Haqiqi, commander of the security forces in Karaj Township, reported the discovery of 16,000 packets of firecrackers in this city and said: “the plan to confront the producers, distributers and sellers of illegal firecrackers in the Karaj Township is being implemented and the police shall severely deal with the transgressors.” He did not state the number of the arrestees.

Fars news agency, March 3 – Discovery of 6,750 firecrackers in Shahr-e Bahar [a small town west of Iran]: Commander of the security forces in Bahar Township reported the discovery of 6,750 firecrackers in this township and said: all the illegal items discovered, along with the culprit, have been transferred to the intelligence police of the township. The indictment was filed and the arrestee transferred to prison.