Hossein Rahimi, the commander of the Tehran Police Department, tried to paint his own picture of the incident with a story of an officer immediately hitting the brakes, but if so, then why does the footage show the van pushing the woman several metres?

The woman, a student at Azad University in Tehran, bravely stood up to the morality police who tried to kill her on October 27, but the Iranian mullahs, as always, failed to act appropriately (i.e. fire or arrest the police officers).

Instead even the regime’s former presidential candidate,Mohammad Reza Aref , called this a “violation of the sovereignty of universities”, citing several incidents over the past decade where plainclothes agents have stormed university campuses to quell student unrest. Does he know that they tried to kill someone? That’s attempted murder.

The Iranian people are furious over the response and social media is aflame with comments comparing this woman to Tank Man, who stood up to the Chinese military in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square during the 1989 massacre. Others compared the morality police with ISIS, accused the Regime of “savagery”, and used the popular Persian hashtag “our camera is our weapon”.

The photography campaign urges the Iranian people to document police mistreatment with photos and videos, but also to show the Iranian people defying the ridiculous laws of the Iranian Regime, i.e. mandatory hijab.

This outrage is yet more evidence of the Iranian people’s contempt for the Regime; as evidenced by the nationwide protest movement that sprung up in January. The Iranian people have made it clear that they want the mullahs out by any means necessary; with slogans that call for regime change, point out that there is no difference between the so-called reformists and hardliners.

The rest of the world should support the Iranian people’s protests and their legitimate desire for regime change, rather than appeasing the murderous mullahs in order to get cheap oil or favourable deals. The Iranian Regime has waged war on its people for nearly 40 years and its time that they were stopped.