On Wednesday, Shiraz Industrial University students held a demonstration in front of the university’s management office to protest the repressive measures adopted by security forces and government policies that are designed to further plunder the wealth of the students.

During the demonstration, which was held, the students chanted:

  • “No to the garrison, no to the trade center, yes to university.”
  • “Students will die, but they will not give in to disgrace.”

They also demanded the resignation of the university’s deputy president.  

While in Mashhad, a group of nurses held a demonstration in front of the governor’s office to protest having not received their wages for more than 14 months.

The demonstration took place at the same time that regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei was meeting with a specially-chosen group of nurses on the occasion of Iran’s Nurse Day.

On Tuesday, bakers in Qazvin held a protest demonstration in front of the governor’s office over the current price of bread, which is lower than inflation and is affecting their livelihood.

One baker said: “While the price of all goods, including gasoline, have increased, the price of bread hasn’t changed. This is causing problems for the livelihoods of bakers.”

The Iranian uprising began in November over the regime’s decision to tripe fuel prices overnight. The mullahs said they wouldn’t increase the prices of other goods, but they’ve not said how they will solve the problem that thousands of businesses are finding it more expensive to run their operations because of the fuel price increase without a subsequent increase in the costs of their own goods.

While employees of the Zarand Minerals Company in Kerman held a protest demonstration over the change of their employment status from permanent to temporary. (The managers at the company have used various methods to force the workers to accept this change.) The employees stopped working and held a rally at the complex, located seven km from the Zarand-Kerman highway.

Earlier, on Monday, the employees of the driving school of Joveyn county, in Razavi Khorasan province went on strike to protest the fuel shortage and declared that they will continue their strike for several days.

Employment problems are a constant source of protests and strikes in Iran.