Videos that were published and shared by activists on social media show that there were protests in Ekbatan neighbourhood (northwest of Tehran), Daneshjoo Park (central Tehran), as well as Karagar and Amir Abad (South Tehran).

The video showed demonstrators in Enghelab Street, in the centre of Tehran, bravely shouting “Death to the Dictator”, a statement that could lad them in prison or worse.

It also showed security forces attacking protesters, while some young men burnt rubbish bins to block the path of the advancing police and prevent them from easily attacking protesters. Violent clashes between protesters and police also occurred in the park of Tehran’s theatre.

Qom and Karaj

According to some reports, violence also broke out between protesters and riot police in the cities of Qom and Karaj. Activists reported that the Iranian Regime shut down mobile phone service and cut off internet access in both these cities to prevent the citizens from sharing information or media about the protests and the ensuing violent crackdown around the world.


In Kazerun, Fars Province, hundreds of people protested in the centre of the city and chanted anti-regime slogans.

KAZERUN, Iran: Protesters clashing with security forces. Aug. 5, 2018

Ongoing Uprising

All of these protests are part of the ongoing Iranian uprising that broke out in Iran in December over a rise in the cost of living and a draft budget that cut subsidies for the poor to fund the military. These protests, which began over the failing economy, quickly drew more people protesting more problems. Soon, the protests were not about decreasing military funding or incresding the amount of people in work, but about getting rid of the real cause of the Iranian people’s problems: the Iranian Regime.

Since January, the Regime has cracked down violently on these protesters, shooting at least 50 dead in the street, imprisoning over 8,000 and threatening them with the death penalty, and torturing at least 14 to death in prison.

Despite this, the Iranian people have not backed down and are instead are heeding the call of the leader of the Iranian Resistace, Maryam Rajavi, who implored them at the starts of the newIranian year in March to mak this a year of protests.