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What Exactly Happened in Iran’s Teachers’ Protests?

Teachers across Iran held rallies on Thursday, December 23, 2021, protesting the government and parliament’s refusal to address their needs.

December 23, teachers and educators once again protested in more than 100 cities across Iran, as they have promised to continue demonstrations if the regime did not give any response to their demands. The core demand of the teachers is the ranking bill that the regime government with the help of the parliament botched to get rid of the teachers.

But the teachers did not accept and started a new round of protests. In their statement, teachers and educators announced the reason for the continuation of their protest as follow:

“We are here today to protest the policies of the government. We can no longer continue this oppressive situation. We are weary of so many rights violations and oppression, and we will not remain silent in the face of all this oppression.”

The regime tried to suppress them with the help of its anti-riot and intelligence forces, but the teachers wiped all the barriers away and showed their strength and solidarity and their courage to take their rights from the regime.

This time the teachers with their disclosure and enlightenment exposed the regime’s deceptive actions and helped the Iranian people to take a step further in confronting the regime and not being accused to be the cronies of the regimes’ so-called foreign enemies, something that is giving the regime the green light to suppress and even execute protesting people.

They attacked the regime’s media who are helping it in this field and wrote: “Fabricated scenarios like those of Kayhan to subdue and showing the demands of the teachers as security issues will reach nothing. With full power, we are supporting the jailed teachers. We condemn the puzzling of the public opinion by the State TV and Radio.” (From the final resolution of the nationwide gathering of Iranian teachers; December 23, 2021)

The next important step taken by the teachers was showing the real cause of all problems in the country, which are the regime’s corrupted heads from its supreme leader to every MP:

“Astronomical salaries, large-scale embezzlement, and the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few have endangered the financial and psychological security of the majority of society.” (From the final resolution of the nationwide gathering of Iranian teachers; December 23, 2021)

And their slogans chanted during the protest bolded the people’s contrast with the regime:

  • “Imprisoned teacher must be released.”
  • “Political prisoner must be freed.”
  • “Teacher cry, cry for your rights.”
  • “We all are united, are tired from the hollow promises.”

Every step the regime is taking in its domestic and foreign policy inevitably is tightening the circle of the siege around itself and is forced to execute more contractionary policies and increase in the level of repression.

Responding to any of the people’s demands will open one by one the chains from the people’s legs, therefore the regime will not respond to any of the demands which will increase the antagonism in the society against the regime.

The people and teachers are tired of the regime’s hollow promises, fake bills, and laws.

The people are now aware of the regime’s deceits and apparatus who are helping the regime in propaganda against the people and the teachers and will confront them on any occasion.

Therefore, calling protesting and rioting people enemy of God, nation, and henchmen of foreign enemies will not help the regime anymore.

Especially this time while those who came to the street and protested are the country’s educators and teachers who are playing a very important role in any country’s future and consciousness with the influence on the country’s youths.

So, repressing them will not help the regime and will only make the situation worse. The next important conclusion that can be extracted from this event, is that people have made their choice and will not leave the street anymore and the regime will face stronger and enduring protests.

Different strata of the society are now more unified than before, and this unity will disturb all the regime’s deceits, policies, and calculations.

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