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Italian lawmakers back Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for Iran

By INU Staff
INU -  Italy is the latest country to support the 10-point plan of Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi and the objective of the Iranian Resistance to have a free Iran. 

Over 300 Chamber of Deputies members, the lower house of Italy’s Parliament, have endorsed a statement urging the Italian government, the United States, member states of the European Union and the United Nations Security Council to "strongly" condemn the Iranian regime's executions and additional blatant human rights abuses and ensure the safety and security of members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK), the main Iranian opposition group, currently living in Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Iranian civil society gathering on July 9 in Paris

By INU Staff
INU - The signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran seemed to some observers as a new epoch, as they sought more social and political shifts in the Iranian government, to embrace a more liberal and pragmatic approach. However, despite all the optimism that came with the signing of the nuclear agreement, Iranians haven't seen much change one year later.

Iranian Resistance Rally to be held Paris in July

By INU Staff
INU - The Iranian Resistance forces are holding a rally in Paris on 9 July to raise awareness about the cruelty of the regime.

This year’s rally will focus on the turbulent situation in Iran; addressing the question where is Iran heading?

They want to make it clear to Western governments, especially those in the P5+1 countries who signed Iran’s nuclear deal, that the Iranian regime is not moderate but rather fuelled by extremism.

Obama’s Iran Deal Caused The Administration To Ignore Valuable Nuclear Intelligence

By Raymond Tanter

Foreign policy circles are abuzz over a New York Times Magazine profile of White House foreign policy advisor Ben Rhodes, boasting about manipulating “naïve” journalists into telling the American people how nascent moderation within the Iranian regime made the Iran nuclear talks viable. He also highlighted the White House creation of an “echo chamber” using outside groups to pursue its objectives.

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