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Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty (Iraq), London, Geneva, Melbourne, Ottawa and Berlin continued their hunger strike on Sunday demanding the freedom of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages held by Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki.

Will America Act?

Source: Swissinfo (translated from French to English)
A hunger striker, affiliated to the Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf Iraq, was hospitalized in Geneva. Eleven others continue their hunger strike for a month at the Place des Nations, in front of the UN headquarters.

NCRI - An internal report of the clerical regime state that the Camp Ashraf hostages who have been on hunger strike since their abduction on September 1, have intensified their hunger strike by refusing to drink, as they are faced with the threat of being handed over to the Iranian regime, a NCRI Secretariat statement said.

NCRI - Iranian dissident in Camp Liberty, Iraq and five countries across the world continued their hunger strike calling for the release of seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forces on September 1.

Senator McCain: …. Situation as regards to the Camp Ashraf people. We know there were Iranian dissidents at one point they were designated as a terrorist organization. But, the United States of America, is it true, gave them an assurance that if they moved, they would be protected. We know the Iranian influence has dramatically increased in Iraq. In fact, we know now that Al-Qaeda is alive and well, doing extremely well, moving back and forth across the two countries. Now, there was a murder of I believe 51 people who were members of this camp and many of them had in their possession guarantees from the United States of America that they would not be harmed. First of all are those facts true and second of all if true, what lesson does that send to people who we say you will be under our protection?

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