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NCRI - According to reports obtained from inside the Iranian regime, the commander of the regime's terrorist Qods force has ordered Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s security advisor to launch a fresh round of rocket attacks on Camp Liberty in order to both cover up the crime against humanity committed in Camp Ashraf on September 1, which has sparked international outrage, and to also overshadow international calls for the release of seven residents of Ashraf taken hostage on that day.

NCRI - The seven Iranian dissidents taken hostages in Camp Ashraf have been transferred on Sunday to a prison known as Sharaf located in Baghdad's Green Zone area, behind the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister, according to information from inside the mullahs’ regime.

NCRI - According to information received, the seven Iranian dissidents taken hostage in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi forces on September 1 are now being held in one of Maliki’s special prisons in Baghdad Green Zone.

Call on U.S., UN and human rights defending bodies for release of the seven hostages
NCRI - Following disclosure of the place of detention of seven Ashraf residents taken hostage and in fear of mounting international calls for their freedom, Maliki ordered their transfer from their prison in the Baghdad airport area.

In a shocking testimony in the UN Headquarter in Geneva, Dr. Tahar Boumedra, Head of the UNAMI’s human rights office and UNAMI advisor on Ashraf between 2009 and 2012, stated on Thursday, September 19: “Ashraf is highly fortified camp where nobody could penetrate into the camp without the active preparation and support of the Iraqi Police and Army… There are observation towers in every corner of the camp...  Nothing could go into Ashraf without being seen… Now when I hear that there is doubt raised about who made the recent attack on Ashraf, it shocks me…. It was me who did the fact finding on April 2011 attack and I talked directly to those who committed the crime in April of 2011. They tried to put the blame on the Ashrafis but in the end they recognized that they did it.”

NCRI - After three weeks of silence, Maliki’s National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayyad who directly supervised the September 1st massacre in Ashraf, in a press conference on Sunday, September 22, admitted Iraqi government’s responsibility in the attack.


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