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Iraqi MP: Camp Liberty are recognized as refugee camp in Iraq

Faris Al-Sanjari An Iraqi MP said the camp's Iranian dissidents are recognized as refugees in Iraq based on international law.

He has called on his government to respect the rights of Camp Liberty residents, who are suffering human rights abuses in a 'detention camp environment'.

Al-Sanjari added: "They have been deprived of all their rights now and they are being held in a detention-like environment.

"If the government is making claims that are serious concerning the respect of freedom, human rights and the freedom of the press, why is not providing for the humanitarian needs of these people.

"It is necessary for the Iraqi government to deal with them with transparency so that it their actions do not have a negative impact on the international status of Iraq."

Liberty residents are enduring a harsh food and medical supplies blockade by the Iraqi forces that guard the camp.

In inhumane act on March 9, one the Iraqi Prime Ministry agents prevented purchase of medication by patients who had gone to Baghdad hospital. This agent every day goes to the hospital with patients and persecutes them by various methods.

Camp Liberty houses around 2,900 Iranian opposition members who had been living in Camp Ashraf for decades before they were forcibly transferred to the camp near Baghdad.

Before that on17 March 2014 the Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies issued a statement regarding the “Over 2.5 million citizens from 18 Arab countries condemn Tehran’s meddling in their affairs, call for guaranteeing safety and security of Iranian dissidents in Iraq in Camp Liberty”


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