Society in the 21st century runs on media and news, and many observers have noted the immense role and effect that social media, radio, and TV has in our world. These mediums have shaped our modern political world, but one of the main obstacles is distinguishing truth and real fact from fiction and fabrication.

This is where true independent media plays a major role. Iranian people painted one of the most inspiring images of resistance in 2022. For more than five months, they have been protesting the regime, but they have been greatly aware that the international and overseas Persian language media outlets are not playing their role.

These media outlets are defending the goals and benefits of other countries and world powers and do not care about the true political will of the Iranian people. It is painfully obvious that they are not helping the people to sweep the political obstacles from the path of the revolution. They are not aligned with the people’s main slogans. While millions of Iranians are suffering, these media outlets are serving their financial masters.

At the forefront of the truly independent media that reflects the people’s voice is Simay-e Azadi – INTV. Simay-e Azadi is the only truly national satellite TV of Iran, which is managed with the support of the Iranian people. and it is playing an important role in the Iranian people’s resistance.

Slowly but surely, it is undermining the power of lies and propaganda. Report by report, video by video, photo by photo, it is bringing the truth, knowledge, and awareness to those who have been deprived of it for so long and are revolting against the tyranny in Iran.

Through first-hand reports, critical analyses, thorough research, and revolutionary reflection, INTV has kept the people of Iran informed on the latest events in the context of the ongoing protests and the right political direction.

Their informed reports are reliant on the extensive work and sacrifice of brave people inside Iran who risk their lives to deliver the news about the people’s resistance and protests to the world. They introduce themselves in the videos mostly as the ‘reporters of the INTV’. They are the ‘news anchors’ on the frontline of the war against the regime.

This is why Iranian people, both from inside the country and abroad, are trusting this channel. They are funding it and supporting it with the little they have.  and according to their own words they are cutting their food, foregoing their birthday gifts, and the incomes of months of hard work to keep this voice thriving.

Simay-e Azadi intends to canalize this widespread support into the formation of a global collective effort that is serving Iran’s national struggle for real democracy, a secular government, and a country that will live in peace with all neighboring countries.

As the channel’s supporters have said, “This fundraising for INTV differed from all the past ones. Because it did not only support a TV channel but a major uprising and the Resistance Units who are leading it on every street and alley.”

People are supporting it because it has become the voice of allied generations that have been shouting for more than four decades, “We will not obey the oppressor”.

The general audience of this TV is made up from all walks of life, but the main audiences are those who are fighting for the overthrow of the Iranian regime and consider it as their main mission and responsibility.