Many speakers commented on Iran’s hand in Iraq’s government and how Iran historically and continues to abuse its position of power in the neighboring territory. According to President-elect of the Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, “The US made a historical mistake by considering the ruling dictatorship in Iran a solution to governing Iraq…The regime leader uses Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as strategic shields for the regime. If they are taken down, the mullahs must defend themselves in Iran, where they would implode.”

Rajavi also commented on the Iraqi people’s peaceful demonstrations against Iran’s occupation in their country that were in turn deemed as terrorism.  She noted that the people have been fighting the Al-Qaeda for years in Iraq and can handle it but the root cause of the situation is Iran’s occupation. As former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani introduced Rajavi, he stated “We cannot solve the problem in Iraq without solving the problem in Iran.” His statement made it evident that the two countries’ resolutions are definitely correlated.

Furthermore, one of the most common themes of the speeches delivered was liberty for those who are still residing in Camp Liberty, an Iranian refugee camp in Iraq. Although it was once US territory, its inhabitants are now no longer protected and living in perilous conditions, facing attacks and violence at any given moment, without a viable way of escape. Congressman Ted Poe spoke about his current legislation to expedite removal and relocation of those in Camp Liberty. He agreed with Giuliani in that Camp Liberty is like “a concentration camp.” Poe declared, “no more murders by the Iraqi government, no more interference from the Iranian government, let the people of Iran determine their own destiny!”

There was support from more than 69 countries and many speakers made note of the atrocities of Camp Liberty along with the failures of Camp Ashraf, a former Iranian refugee camp in Iraq.  Poe also noted “the US government made a solemn vow to protect the residents of Ashraf, the US has failed to keep its commitment.” Throughout the rally various speakers referred to regimes trying to undermine their cause with propaganda and filtering social media. However, it is clear to the international community that both countries involved need changes in their government; this is not solely a problem with Iran.