In its last steps toward its overthrow, Iran’s government shows its fear and confusion about Iran’s main opposition group the MEK/PMOI, its Resistance Units inside the country as well as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Some officials and elements of the government are now advising the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei to start the negotiations again and accept the demands of the Western countries and step back from its missile and regional interests and do not anymore insist on these issues.

This is because of a much more serious threat that comes from the MEK, and to eliminate the opposition strategy.

In an article in the Mostaghel daily entitled ‘Opportunities, doubts, ‌ risks’, Ahmad Chamran showed the dimensions of this horror of the resistance units and the Mojahedin:

“After several months of ups and downs, the Vienna talks are now in a coma and the future is not clear, and the talks have become a mess. The question is, what is the obstacle to lifting the sanctions? Inflation and the crisis of livelihood have destroyed the lives of the people. Even many sympathizers of the revolution are now trapped. Every day we see some people getting off the train of the revolution.

“The Resistance Units of the enemy, the Mojahedin, are not just sitting idly around, and they make the most of this situation and this dangerous platform. They attract many rebellious and helpless young people to their sinister structure, making them destructive and disturbers. On the other hand, with unbelievably large expenses, they held a world summit in July for three days, inviting a thousand anti-Iranian political elements and statesmen to take strong positions against the system.

A strange range from the tough Republican Mike Pompeo to Democratic Sen. Menendez, Even the current Prime Minister of Slovenia is invited to this World Summit.”

In another part of its article, the Mostaghel daily wrote, referring to the formation of 1,000 Resistance Units by the opposition:

“Hundreds of deceived youths and members of the destructive Resistance Units from various cities across the country joined the rally directly to claim in the presence of political officials and the media that they have an obeying military in the society. On the other hand, these days, did not the same enemy cause chaos in its propaganda horns?

“Isn’t their leadership with his messages trying to turn a livelihood protest into a nationwide riot to overthrow? According to the intelligence officials, was not and is not the headquarters of the riots and crises of the hypocrites behind all the recent dangerous disturbances in Khuzestan, Lorestan, Tabriz, Tehran, and other places?

“Has not this enemy built his trickery and militancy with the people’s sovereignty on the foundation of livelihood problems and living dissatisfaction?

“So shouldn’t we all try to lift the sanctions so that the integrity of the government and the 13th government can control inflation and not allow the enemies of this border and land and to create security issues for the country?”