Young, defiant, and rebellious Iranians have been taking to the streets in recent days, targeting suppressive centers linked to the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

These young people set fire to the signs and entrances of two IRGC Basij bases in the cities of Joveyn and Yazd, sending a message that the people of Iran despise this suppressive and brutal paramilitary force.

The “Martyrs Foundation” in Tehran was also targeted for being one of the regime’s looting centers, as was another center in Mashhad where the regime promotes fundamentalism.

In other acts of defiance, people in the cities of Rasht and Lahijan in the northern part of the country set fire to images of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The main opposition to the Iranian regime – the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) – has Resistance Units the whole way across the country to support the people and to amplify their voice. They have been present in numerous major towns and cities across Iran and members have graffitied anti-regime slogans showing the desire of the people to see the regime fall.

Some of the slogans seen across various cities express the people’s desire to see the regime fall, with members of the Resistance Units declaring that the executions make no difference to their end goal. They said, “We will die for freedom”.

The members of the Resistance Units also said that they are going to avenge Navid Afkari’s execution (the world champion wrestler that was executed by the regime earlier this month for participating in a protest). One of the slogans displayed by the Resistance Units was “The only solution to prevent executions of more youth like Navid is to revolt and protest”.

Iranian society is ready, and desperate, for great change. For four decades, the Iranian regime has gradually taken away more and more freedom from the people. They have denied the people democracy and they have discriminated on religious and ethnic grounds.

The treatment of political prisoners and dissenters in Iran is shocking and it is imperative that the international community intervenes urgently.

Regime officials and state media in Iran have been warning about the rising levels of discontent and dissent in society. The people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the regime for a number of reasons, including the dire economic conditions, the regime’s mismanagement of the Coronavirus health crisis, and the regime’s crackdown on the people.

The regime is concerned about the possibility of another major uprising that would push its existence even closer to collapse. For this reason, the regime is targeting protesters and is handing out tough prison sentences and even the death penalty in a bid to suppress further protests.

Resistance Units Continue Anti-Regime Actions Across Iran