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Seven Camp Ashraf hostages held in a Maliki’s prison in Baghdad Green Zone

NCRI – According to information received, the seven Iranian dissidents taken hostage in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi forces on September 1 are now being held in one of Maliki’s special prisons in Baghdad Green Zone.

Until Sunday, September 22, hostages were being held in Maliki’s Dirty Division (Golden Division) prison in Baghdad airport. With mounting international calls for hostages’ freedom, Maliki ordered them transferred to a special prison in Green Zone that is under his full control in order for their lead to be lost and there would be no sign of them.

This is exactly what Maliki did back in 2009 regarding the 36 Ashraf resident hostages. Taher Boumedra, responsible for Ashraf file at the time, testified in a conference at UN Headquarters in Geneva on September 19, 2013: “In 2009, when the 36 were taken from Al Khalis they disappeared and I followed them where they were. They were in Baghdad in the Green Zone 50 meters away from UNAMI headquarters also 50 meters from Iraqi Presidency in a building with a label on it ‘High Council of National Education’ and the National Education was used as a secret prison. I went to visit them in the presence of the Iraqi security officers. I told them now you are my neighbors and I will visit you every day. Next day I went to visit them they were removed.”

Faleh al-Fayyaz, Maliki’s Security Advisor, has ordered hostages to be again tortured in the new location and after extraction of all their information they are to be handed over to the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Iranian Resistance calls on human rights defenders the world throughout to resort to urgent action to secure freedom of these hostages and save them from barbaric tortures by Maliki’s henchmen and prevent their extradition to the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 24, 2013