The Regime can’t stop talking about the MEK
For decades, the Regime has painted the MEK as an inconsequential group with little support domestically or internationally. This was a lie and the mullahs know it. Why else would they spend so much time and money to discredit the MEK in the international press or slaughter them in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners or kill MEK dissidents across the world?

But now, as anti-regime protests grow in size and strength, despite the ever-present repression from the Iranian Regime, it is harder for the Regime to discount the MEK. Even top-ranking mullahs and the state-run media are attempting to find out how the MEK and their resistance units in Iran work, in order to try and stop the uprising that will bring the downfall of the Regime.

One pro-regime writer in an opinion piece in September, rightly identifies the MEK as the main threat to the Regime, even more so than Israel, the US, and Europe, and advised that the Regime focus all their attention on the MEK.

He wrote: “Of course, they remain our enemies but can the US truly overthrow the Islamic Republic? How about Israel? Certainly not. So, a realistic outlook demands that we determine as a first step that the main enemy is not a foreign force but an internal one.”

Why do the MEK pose such a threat to the Regime; more so than the US military? Simply because they want to overthrow the regime and have the capability to do so, as noted by the author. By comparison, monarchists, Marxists, and other anti-regime groups in Iran lack this power.

The MEK responded to this article with this comment: “This latest piece of state media is just another example of the fear that is emanating from the regime loyal forces and an admittance to the influence the MEK has on the youth. The MEK’s resistance units have organized and mobilized the people, and the people have made their voices heard. The corrupt regime is falling, and a democratic alternative is here to replace it.”

This report is yet more evidence that the Regime is scared of the MEK, along with the repeated admissions from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that “the MEK meets both requirements for the overthrow of the regime”. In fact, the Regime planned multiple terrorist attacks against the MEK across Europe and the US this year in order to scare the MEK into stepping back, but the attacks were thankfully folded and the MEK refused to back down.