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Iran: United States Foreign Policy Takes a U-Turn

Even after just a short time in office it seems like President Trump is ensuring a strong and enduring foreign policy will be set in place for the Middle East and it has been said that he is supporting the overthrow of the current regime.

When former President Obama was in office, his administration led a policy of appeasement and let Iran away will all sorts of infractions, human rights abuses and malign activities, just so that the nuclear deal could go ahead.

Trump said that he would scrap the deal if he became president. Although the deal remains in place, his administration has imposed sanctions on Iran in other areas, not just with regards to nuclear activities.

Since the nuclear deal was agreed, Iran has shown that it is not a good neighbour and it cannot be trusted. Officials from the Iranian regime have boasted about their deceiving practices during the negotiations.

It is hoped by many that the Trump administration will make it clear what the intentions are so that other countries can follow suit. It is expected that the United States will not get involved in facilitating regime change, but it will support it.

President Obama pushed allies away while appeasing the Islamic Republic, whereas President Trump is now repairing relations.

Last month during his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Trump received the cooperation and backing of Saudi Arabia and many other nations in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime, apart from carrying out ballistic missile tests and continuing on its nuclear path, is a serious violator of human rights. There have been thousands of executions carried out over the past few years, and people are suppressed and denied freedom of faith and speech. Iran has been warned on numerous occasions by human rights organisations about its violations, but nothing ever changes.

Outside of the country, Iran is heavily involved in conflicts across the region, especially in Syria where it has been bolstering dictator Bashar al Assad. Iran has many proxy groups fighting on its behalf and is responsible for countless civilian deaths.

On 1st July, the Iranian opposition will be hosting a large gathering in Paris. This is its annual Freedom rally in which tens of thousands of people travel from afar to attend. There are prominent political figures from the United States, Europe and the rest of the world that will speak and pledge their support to the Iranian opposition and to the people of Iran who are desperate for regime change.


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