This specific data about Iran’s nuclear program, carried by the state-run Tasnim news agency, is a rare announcement and came just days after Iran’s nuclear chief said it had completed a facility to build advanced centrifuges.

Larijani said that the number of active centrifuges was reduced from about 9,000 after the agreement of the nuclear deal, although the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) assessed that Iran had 20,000 centrifuges installed at its Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities. This somewhat brings into question whether Iran also has more centrifuges now than it is admitting.

Nuclear deal
Iran has already threatened to increase its capacity to enrich uranium if the 2015 nuclear deal collapses, as a result of the US withdrawal from the pact in May.

The 2015 agreement, known also as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), offered sanctions relief to Iran under the proviso that it curbed its nuclear programme, but Donald Trump alleges that the Regime never stopped attempting to build a nuclear weapon, and, from this announcement, it seems he was right. This means that sanctions on Iran are well-deserved.

Russia, China, Germany France and Britain, who are the other signatories to the deal have not followed the US’s lead and are trying to save the accord, despite the US’s best efforts to convince them to scrap this unfair deal.

The five countries believe that the deal is the best hope to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and starting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that could lead to World War 3. However, the Iranian Regime as it is poses a massive threat to world peace and should be expelled from the region.

In a separate statement Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned the White House for accusing Iran of failing to stop attacks on US diplomatic buildings in Iraq.

In the past week, there were attacks on the US Consulate in Basra and the US Embassy compound in Baghdad, which were likely in response to anti-Iranian protesters setting fire to Iran’s consulate in Basra last Friday.

It is important to note that the Iraqi people dislike Iranian interference in their country.