The regime had successfully managed to get the group classed as a terrorist organisation by the United States. It is ironic that the actual terrorist regime was able to get the U.S. to list the opposition group that has been campaigning for freedom, human rights and equality. Of course, the MEK was rightfully removed from the list but it should never have been on it in the first place.

The MEK has been instrumental in revealing the true nature of the regime – the horrifying rate of execution for minor crimes, its blatant human rights violations, its persecution of minorities and its nuclear program.

Over the years, the Iranian regime has tried to stamp out dissent by severely suppressing the people. It has reacted very violently when faced with protests and anyone who voices dissent risks torture, arrest, imprisonment, medieval punishments, and even execution.

This has not dissuaded the people, especially in recent months. The brave people are willing to risk everything to make their voices heard in the widespread protests and demonstrations.

Another opposition group that has been targeted by the Iranian regime is the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) that is battling for more autonomy for the country’s Kurdish community. The regime launched an attack on a base in northern Iraq leaving dozens injured and more than 11 dead.

This is a strategy that the Iranian regime has used time and time again to attack opponents outside of the country. MEK members have been assassinated in Europe and the dissidents in Camp Liberty in Iraq endured numerous strikes on their camp.

The Iranian regime is in an increasingly desperate situation as it becomes even more isolated. The United States has pulled out of the nuclear deal, sanctions have been re-imposed and numerous countries are already showing compliance to the State Department’s call for countries to reduce their imports of Iranian oil to zero by November.

The economic crisis in Iran is getting worse and the Rial, the national currency of Iran, has lost almost three-quarters of its value in the past 12 months.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on the country’s armed forces to increase their power to deter the enemies. He also praised the regime’s naval forces that are currently off the coast of Yemen.

To counter the threat that the Iranian regime is facing, not just from the people at home, but also from the international community, it has resorted to its usual tactics of portraying a strong image. However, it is very difficult to be fooled by such pretences. The regime is weaker than it has ever been and there is no way for it to regain the strength it once had.

The more pressure it puts on the people at home, the more the people are resisting. The opposition is in the strongest position so far and even if the people are relieved of some of the suppression they are faced with, the regime will never again have the trust of the people.