Who else could explain better the dire situation of the Iranian government and its supreme leader Ali Khamenei than its mouthpiece at the state-run Kayhan daily, Hossein Shariatmadari?

Pay attention to these sentences:

“The opponent insists on continuing the Vienna negotiations but continues to insist on his coercive and illegal demands, and on the other hand, lifting all sanctions and verifying it on behalf of Iran is a condition for the negotiations to continue. What should not be ignored is that the United States is using sanctions as a lever to counter Islamic Iran and is not willing to lose that leverage. Therefore, the continuation of the nuclear challenge is just a waste of time and an exorbitant cost to the nation and the system. The ups and downs of the long-term nuclear challenge clearly show that the agency will never accept our demands.” (Kayhan, September 16, 2021)

Now, after UN nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi’s return from a trip to Iran, it can be speculated that Khamenei’s policy of secrecy on nuclear includes continuing enrichment in high percent and surprises the international community after a period. The goal of this secrecy and the stretching of time is to achieve a remarkable process of producing bombs to have the upper hand in possible future negotiations.

It should be noted that religious fascism to take advantage and to have the opportunity to blackmail in nuclear negotiations has increased its uranium richness first by 20 percent to 84.3 kilograms and at the next stage, it increased this amount to 60 percent enriched uranium which was 10 kilograms. This rate has been four times the amount of enrichment with different concentrations in the past years.

The production of an atomic bomb requires 90 percent enriched uranium. The installation of advanced centrifuges in the Fordow facility and the increase in their numbers, as well as doubling the amount of enrichment between the previous and current meetings of the IAEA Governing Council, are a serious step towards achieving the nuclear evasion point and the production of an atomic bomb.

It is based on this policy that Khamenei says there is no rush to continue the negotiations. And even sometimes the whispers of leaving the NPT are heard by the regime’s anxiety.

Because the revival of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, has become a fable, and the mullahs’ dictatorship must pay the price in each path, whether it accepts to continue the negotiations or stop all relations with the world powers and moves on the path to the nuclear bomb.

So, it is continuing the policy of secrecy and buying time. It is obvious that this baseless calculation will be in the favor of this regime. The reality is showing something else. Removing the radioactive trace and confiscating the memories of the IAEA’s observation cameras, has no meaning other than insisting on hidden nuclear projects.

In reality, it is playing with the fire and show the weak face of a regime that is not able to withstand the pressures and solve its illegal and dangerous nuclear case.

A few days after Grossi’s visit to Iran, the three countries, Britain, France, and Germany, said in a statement at the Governing Council that Iran should immediately stop producing uranium metal. The ticking watch will only increase the price that religious fascism should pay.

Meanwhile, the regime’s impasse was noted by the state-run daily Jahan-e-Sanat on September 16, 2021: “Now they are putting a dilemma against Raisi. He can be receptive to negotiations with the United States and return to the JCPOA accepted during Rouhani’s first term, but it is the same JCPOA that many supporters of his administration have called the Turkmanchai (contract). If the Raisi government does not accept the JCPOA, it should accept more confrontations with the United States, a united Europe, and even Beijing and Moscow.”