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Support for Trump’s No-Nonsense Approach to Iran

However, less than a week later, the tide has turned and now Trump is getting more support. Germany and Great Britain shunned Trump’s decision and said a few days ago that they would be loyal to the nuclear deal. Now, however, they are saying that they support Trump and his vision to curbing Iran’s behaviour in the Middle East.
One of the biggest issues that needs to be addressed is Iran’s involvement in wars in the regions. It is fuelling wars, instigating wars and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries in a bid to expand power and cause chaos.

Iran has been given the means to do so through the nuclear deal which released billions of dollars to the Iranian regime. And it is a pretty weak deal if all Iran has to do is stop enriching uranium.

Germany and Great Britain have vowed to back up Trump in the confrontation against Iran’s policies. Trump made it clear that there were two options – either cancel the nuclear deal or fix the mistakes in it.

So, if the Iranian regime refuses to change, then it will be responsible for triggering the economic and political crisis that will soon follow. The Trump administration and those that agree with the strategy are asking for Iran to put an end to its military interventions in the region. It wants the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) out of foreign countries and it wants the militias removed from where they have been sent on Iran’s behalf.

Iran has militias full of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, exploiting their circumstances that leave them with very little choice, and send them abroad to fight for Iran.

The notorious Hezbollah has been moving around the region and starting wars on behalf of Iran.
Despite UN Security Council resolutions, Iran has been transporting arms and weapons to Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Iran is also heavily involved in Afghanistan.
If the 2015 nuclear deal was not signed, Iran would undoubtedly be unable to carry out all of these activities. The billions of dollars that the Iranian regime got have been spent on wars.

The nuclear deal was a gift to Iran. It was everything the Iranian regime wanted – lots of money and sanctions lifted in exchange for very little. So, getting Iran to renegotiate is going to be tricky.

It is expected that it will be proposed to Iran that sanctions could be lifted and the deal kept in place if Iran agrees to remove all of its foreign militias from conflict zones and if it stops providing any kind of support to local fighters.

The Trump administration has also said that it will start supporting the Iranian opposition again – something that was stopped when President Obama was in office. This will undoubtedly mean that the people of Iran will not be forgotten as the main victims of the ruling regime that is denying them the most basic of human rights.


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