On Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani remarked, “Today, more than ever before, we must unite because it is not clear what visions the people in power now in the U.S. have for the region and the world. We must be very aware and plan very carefully, to be ready for a variety of probabilities. Good elections are the power of Iran and our nation…” 

Controlled by the faction loyal to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Iran’s state TV censored these remarks from Rouhani’s speech. To understand why they were censored, one must look to an article published by the Kayhan daily, which is known to also be controlled by Khamenei. The piece reads, “A Western leaning current (referring to Rouhani’s faction) that has no achievements to boast about, legitimize their continued presence by claiming the possibility of a U.S. attack is very serious if others come to power and are not willing to engage with the U.S.” 

According to the Arya website, Rouhani’s faction stated, “If Iran resorts to adequate political statements and refrains from providing pretexts to [U.S. President Donald] Trump, the government will be able to contain Trump’s America.” 

The Aftab News website reported this statement, “Iran’s opponents seek a quick and emotional response by us to events such as the U.S. missile attack against Syria. However, Iran understand what its opponents are after and should prepare itself from within against foreign threats. No doubt this is why the Americans have scheduled their next measure against Iran after the May presidential election.”

Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, wrote, “[The U.S. attack on Syria] is a type of message meant to create a climate of fear, that with Trump in the White House all forecasted predictions have changed and the results will be changing. The necessary individuals able to prevent such developments must be elected.” 

What all of these viewpoints have in common, is that the U.S. attack on Syria rocked both of Iran’s factions and increased their political disputes. 

However, the main issue is that the entire Iranian regime has suffered a major blow after this groundbreaking development.