Wednesday, 05 June 2013

INU – On Tuesday, June 4, on the anniversary of Khomeini’s death, Khamenei delivered a speech ridiculously attempting to disguise the economic and political crises and fierce internal disputes threatening the regime’s very existence, all in order to pave the way for vote rigging in the forthcoming sham election. He described the election as a “great test” and promised “brilliant results” for the regime.

He farcically attempted to blame foreign enemies for the people’s disinterest in the election, saying: “The elections are a great opportunity for the Islamic system. [The enemies] hope the elections will have a low turnout so they can say people have no interest in the Islamic system; or they want to create sedition after the the election, as they did in 2009. One day they are saying the election is engineered, another they are saying the election is not free, and another they are saying the people do not consider the election is legitimate.”

He also said there would be no change to the regime’s foreign policy, especially regarding nuclear weapons and regional warmongering, and added: “Some people wrongly want to make concessions to our enemies to lessen their anger towards us, are putting their interests over our people’s interests; this is wrong. We must remedy and rectify the enemy’s anger through national power.” He said the best model for the country’s management was like that of Nader Shah (in the first half of the 18th century) where “by taking the leadership of the people with courage, this nation can spread out its proud field of activities from Delhi to the Black Sea.” He said Khomeini had seen this in history, and that had seen other examples of this and truly believed in it.”

Khamenei described the absurd TV debate between the 8 presidential candidates as an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ and said: “Where in the world are different candidates allowed equal use of the national and state-run media outlets?” But the debate has become a national laughing stock and even described by the regime’s own state-run media as like a ‘children’s game show’.

To resolve the embarrassment over Rafsanjani’s disqualification, Khamenei added: “The only thing that governs is the law; according to the law some can run, some cannot; the law has specified the conditions. This is all taking place according to the law. The enemy abroad… ignores these facts and repeatedly makes impious remarks.”

The regime’s hopeless supreme leader warned the candidates, who have already been strictly vetted, to not go overstep and boundaries, and said: “The candidates should take mote that notice that criticizing doesn’t mean tarnishing, tainting and inequity… there are economic problems, there is inflation… [candidates] must promise to take on the the economic issues, which today have become a challenge forced on the Iranian nation by outsiders; they must promise not to sideline these issues… not under various pretests to place more importance on the interests of outsiders than the interests of the Iranian nation.”