Iran’s presidential debate is so ridiculous that even its own state-run outlets and media were forced to admit it. Below are a few examples of the reactions to this debate. In addition to this, the state-run media is confessing on a daily basis about the people’s carelessness of the election.

Gholamhossein Karbaschi, the former mayor of Tehran, said: “The state media looks at debates such as a ‘child show’ and ‘ Khandevane’ (Stand-up comedy show). What is the difference between these debates and weekly competitions and entertainment programs?”

Masoud Pezeshkian, member of the parliament, said: “I told the Guardian Council to announce the problem why you did not approve me. Whoever does not observe justice must wait for God’s punishment; You must not revolt; You must judge according to justice; All these years have passed since the Islamic Republic, and we still do not know how to make the tools of judging human beings and say that this is our level.

“We (during the verification of credentials) did not give a verdict based on the amount of criterion, Khamenei also complained, but they did not listen and said that is the result, if this system wants to be right, all (factions of the system) must be present, in the name of the elders and the prophet so will it not become right.

“We do not know how to judge on the basis of an indicator and a scale, this is my complaint from the Guardian Council, they crush the character of human beings.”

The state-run newspaper Shargh mocked the debate, saying: “Candidates should explicitly state their position? Do they want to fill the foreign exchange coffers by taking foreigners hostage? Do they want to tour the alien submarine with a fishing net? Are they willing to reveal the names of the three famous brothers who looted 250 trillion tomans from the treasury instead of all these generalizations?”

Mohammad Reza Khabaz, Member of the Central Council of the National Trust Party, said: “The effect of the first debate on melting the ice of the elections was small.” (ILNA State-run news agency, June 8, 2021)

State-run newspaper Etemad wrote: “Why did the election of the country’s second-person lose their importance and become out of the public concern? Because the last four elections, instead of solving problems, have brought frustration, anxiety, depression, and failure to many people. People think that participating in elections is useless.”

The state-run daily Ebtekar about the election’s slackness wrote: “What has caused the public not to believe, despite the colorful slogans and promises of the candidates, are not in the first place some promises that have the least logical, scientific and real reasoning. The experience of past elections has taught us this.”

The Farhikhtegan daily wrote: “A section of the society, due to dissatisfaction with the current situation, is no longer willing to participate in the elections and participate in the appointment of the thirteenth president. It is difficult to act in the 10 days before the elections so that this group of people can go to the polls.

“The issues related to the administration of the country, including the issues of livelihood, the issue of inflation, employment, etc., have affected them greatly, and a kind of divergence has been created in this segment of the people to want to participate in the elections. If we consider these reasons as the main reason, we will realize how hard it is and perhaps it can be said that it is impossible that we want move back this path.”

And as usual the regime’s famous Javan daily affiliated with the IRGC lied about the real situation and wrote: “Low turnout has become a concern for both political factions in the country! Some polls have shown that this concern of both factions has been lowered since the first debate, although not to a great extent.”

But at the same the Etemad daily wrote the reality, saying: “With less than two weeks to go until the 13th presidential election, polls show a cold atmosphere in society, and the first televised debate was not able to thaw this ice.”