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Meet the New Minister of Employment and Social Affairs: Ali Rabi’ie

INU- Augest 15, 2013- Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Iranian Massacre, Rouhani’s cabinet members were announced early this month, nearly all of whom have served as senior officials of the regime with powerful roles in war, suppression and terrorism. At least five of the high ranking officials responsible for the death of more than 30,000 political prisoners in Iran in 1988 have been appointed to Rouhani’s new cabinet. 

The Iranian massacre of 1988 displayed human rights violations at their very worst.  As the Iran-Iraq war came to an end, prisons across Iran went into lock down to carry out what would be the largest mass killing in Iran’s history. In response to religious decrees ordered by Komeini, the Iranian regime executed every individual who had been imprisoned on a political basis. With a cabinet made up of officials that helped in facilitating these heinous executions, there is little chance of any democratic change in Iran. 

Although Rouhani has been called a moderate by many, he was thoroughly vetted and approved by Khamenei’s Guardian Council for the June 14, 2013 election as one who has proven his complete allegiance to the absolute rule of the Supreme Leader both in theory and practice. 

Hardly the moderate he is claimed to be, Rouhani’s cabinet selections were not surprising and consisted only of his closest advisors and confidants – preventing Iran frrom moving in the direction of democracy. 

One cabinet member with a particularly criminal political past is Ali Rabi’ie, announced as Minister of Employment and Social Affairs.

As a member of the revolutionary guards and an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence Unit since Khomeini came into power, Rabi’ie has been an integral part of the regime’s reign on the Iranian people. He was the first general manager of the Intelligence Department in western Azerbaijan and later became the general manager of the Labor Unit of the Ministry of Intelligence and Legal Parliamentary deputy for the Ministry of Intelligence until 1993.  

Subsequently, Rabi’ie became the executive secretary of the Supreme National Security Council during Khatami’s presidency. He was a professor of psychological war at the University of Ministry of Intelligence Imam Bagher Institute of Technology. 

Over the past 20-years Rabi’ie has played an integral role within the regime.   He has held high ranking positions and will now continue working within the regime as one of Rouhani’s top officials.  As Iran moves forward into this new presidency, the cabinet choice of Rabi’ie foreshadows continued suppression and destruction for the people of Iran. 

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