These days Iran’s people are suffering from many disasters that the regime gifted them. From poverty and unemployment to the power outage and now water scarcity in most areas of the country and the worst-hit Khuzestan province.

Besides the repression of the people when they decide to protest such situations, in fear of the escalation, expansion, and getting out of control of such protests targeting the entire rule as we have witnessed it in recent years there are many regime’s elements who try to calm down and deviate the people’s demands from a regime change, unfortunately, there are other people who in favor of this regime are doing the same thing.

Known as celebrities, these people are becoming very infamous to the people, and they are hated. From calling on the mothers of the victims of the 2019 protests to calm down to inviting the people to participate in the regime’s sham elections, their job is to pour salt on the wounds of the people.

Now with the events of the water scarcity in Khuzestan, one of the celebrities Narges Kalbasi, infamous for her support for the regime, started a mineral water support campaign for the Khuzestan region. People from all around the country angry about such an action reacted extremely frustrated on social media. Without any other comment below we will show some of the many samples which indicate the people’s awareness about such people and their actions which is aligned with the regime’s failed so-called reformist project, calling on any event to ‘avoid violence’, accepting ‘this’ situation and the regime, while any other solution would be worse than the current situation.

The Comments of the People:

“Hear from the initiative of a tasteful citizen of Khuzestan who filled Karun with mineral water”

“It does not matter if it is a flood or an earthquake or a water shortage problem for farmers and ranchers
Whatever happens, a page is found, and the money is collected to buy mineral water.”

“Khuzestan does not want money and mineral water, it wants attention ….”

“I wish I could send them bulletproof vests instead of mineral water. Damn your black heart.”

“I do not know which dishonesty has started this campaign of sending mineral water to Khuzestan?!
Are they in need of mineral water, if they want, they will gather and buy the mineral water of the whole country.
They gathered to defend their rights, the rights of the entire Iranian people
Enough of all this stupidity.”

“Sending mineral water for the Khusestanis is like sending backpacks for the ‘Kolbars’.”

“A lot of mineral water is necessary you ‘Dozari’ (valueless) celebrity.”

“Send bulletproof vest to Khuzestan, mineral water does not work against bullets.”

“The problem of Khuzestan was not the lack of drinking water, but again some sentimentalists gathered to buy mineral water and send it. The problem of the loss of livestock and the destruction of agriculture and consequently forced migration. Sending mineral water is to ridicule infrastructure problems and deliberate oppression of Khuzestan. Do not pour salt on the wound.”

“We have water to drink in Khuzestan, we have a shop to buy mineral water from. There is no famine. We demand to stop the oppression of the people of this province and the weak management that has led to the dryness of the Karun River, the ecosystem, and the decline in the agricultural and livestock industry.”

“These are mineral water trucks that were sent to the people living on the outskirts of our dried-up Hamoun lagoon just a few days ago. Now some others want to send mineral water to the people living on the outskirts of Karun and Hur al-Azim. These will not cure the wounds of the people, it will just pour salt on their wounds.”

“The IRGC cuts off Khuzestan’s water, then sends its rent-seekers and collects public donations to buy mineral water. Then it takes pictures with the people who itself has made thirsty and miserable and shows off and shows a humanitarian face for itself.”

A clear fact of the IRGC involvement in the water famine of the Khuzestan province, which is transporting the water of this province to other regions without calculating the consequences: “Fars’s news agency: The Khatam-al Anbiya Headquarters has solved the water transportation to Behesht Abad (Isfahan). The MP of Isfahan in the parliament: ‘The technical problem of the Behesht Abad project is solved by the Khatam-al Anbiya Headquarters.”

“Can this be fixed with mineral water, you rapscallion?”

“You who are sending mineral water, also send wound adhesive for the place of the bullet!”

“Some friends do not understand the lack of water in Khuzestan. And they think a few bottles of mineral water will solve the problem. These buffaloes and agricultural lands are the sources of income of our people, these cannot be saved with a few bottles of water …”

“Mineral water purchased by Narges Kalbasi.”

“This trailer has so much free space. She should also give the mineral waters and they took it.”

“Please send blood instead of mineral water.”

“When mineral water is sent to Khuzestan.”

“Sending mineral water to #Khuzestan is something like this:”

“The problem of Khuzestan is not mineral water! Worn out infrastructure, inept managers, and not provided water rights… Please do not give people the wrong address.”

“They are protesting under gunfire that you have dried up the most water-rich rivers in the country, destroyed one of the greenest, most fertile, and richest parts of Iran, shut down agriculture and animal husbandry, and then they are collecting money to send a pack of mineral water to Khuzestan. Can mineral water become a river for them?”

“Hur al-Azim cannot be filled with mineral water bottles and water tanks.
Arvand (river) has no identity without water
Karoun is the ID card of Iran without any replacement.
Iran is thirsty
Iran is ruined
Iran’s heart is broken.”

“First, they shed blood, then they wash the blood with a tanker and mineral water!”

“The correct answer to the charitable activists who want to save Hur al-Azim with a bottle of mineral water:”

(Graffiti of the walls: Left: “Khuzestan is thirsty for freedom. Right: Water is a political slogan.”)