The issue of presenting strategic plans for Iran’s future government is hot among the candidates of the presidential election, and even there are rumors about several thousand-page plans to solve the country’s economic and livelihood problems as one of the top priorities of the presidential contenders.

But it seems that the candidates were not able to develop a coherent plan to introduce the main priorities of the country.

And this is not unusual because the problems of the country are so much and diverse that none of them can solve them anymore.

While the candidates are struggling to pave their way for the presidency, the entire rule’s concern is the participation of the people which comparing to the previous elections seems to be not hot enough and the many concerns that exist at the community level have occupied the minds of a significant portion of the people, leaving no place for political debate and the 13th presidential election.

Politicians’ concerns about turnout in the June 18 election have long been seen as a major challenge to this important pioneering event, and some plans have been offered to break the current predicament, but without any result and success.

But what has been less addressed in recent days amid concerns and electoral speculation are the priorities that the thirteenth government can address to untangle the country’s problems. The problems, a significant part of which have provided the background for the frustration and discouragement of the society and have caused the people not to have the motivation for ‘political participation’ as they should on the eve of the elections.

The regime’s state-run media examined the nature, level and demands of society in the field of domestic and foreign policy from the thirteenth government.

State media are pointing to strengthening social hope as one of the most important issues that should be given special attention in the future government. Because, as they said, it plays a pivotal role in the evolution of society.

Easily translated, the people of Iran are not trusting this regime anymore and for them there is no difference between the so-called reformists and principlists.

Pointing to this subject and underlining the government’s officials dispute as one of the reasons, the Hamshahri Online website on May 22, 2021 wrote:

“Sometimes we see that the emergence of some disputes between the officials of the system, which is not very necessary, may lead to an atmosphere of despair and hopelessness in society, which can have negative consequences for the country.

“In fact, it can be said that sometimes the officials of the system unknowingly take a step that leads to the destruction of the country’s social capital. For example, we should mention the current relations between the three branches in the country, which, if the current trend continues, could lead to people‘s despair and turn social hopes into despair.”

Fearing the consequences of such disputes, which will encourage the people to confront the regime this media added: “We should not assume that these disputes are hidden from the public and have no effect.” (

Warning the media not to bold such actions, it added: “In such a situation, the media, and especially the national media, should take steps to further strengthen the interaction between the forces (branches) and maintain the peace of public opinion and give them the relief that the authorities are thinking of solving their basic problems, especially in the economic and livelihood spheres.”

Another subject that state media are pointing to is the dire and miserable economic situation of the country and the people:

“The tangible issue of the people in the thirteenth presidential election is livelihood. Controlling inflation and recession should be on the agenda of the next president and provide the people with a clear plan in this regard. The second issue is the president’s plan to boost production in the country. The country’s dependence on the private sector abroad certainly has a negative impact on national authority and security,” the state-run Hamshahri Online website added.

Pointing to the people’s hatred of the regime’s international policies and meddling in the Middle East and global terrorism and its consequences for the regime, it added: “The third priority is to solve problems related to international relations. The president must have a degree of political competence that can provide a clear agenda in interaction with the leadership, parliament and other governing bodies on agreement and interaction with the world.

“The basis of government policy abroad should be detente. Iran has never created so much hostility for itself as it has done in the last 20 years. This is an indefensible point in the performance of the officials of the Islamic Republic. The vision for the future is expected to be based on de-escalation.

“The 84 million-strong country of the Islamic Republic of Iran cannot create a reliable future for the people with a non-developmental discourse inside and a non-tensioning discourse abroad.”

Finally confessing about the destruction that this regime has imposed on the people, it added:

“The Iranian nation is not a nation of happiness. Although this is a mental indicator, it is very important. All the shortcomings in the economic, political, cultural, social and moral spheres have had their place in reducing people’s smiles.”