The abundance of words and expressions such as execution, suicide, self-immolation, homelessness, prostitution, and news of the death of children in Iran’s state media and on the Internet indicate the status of human rights in the country.

For 42 years, the Iranian people have faced a crackdown by the government, and as time goes on, its volume and effects become more widespread. In the meantime, the situation of innocent children in Iran is very painful and astonishing.

The regime, in parallel with the promotion and imposition of poverty, misery, unemployment, and the degeneration of human and social relations for the Iranian people, has created additional suffering and deprivation for children.

In continuation of such a situation that we always see with phenomena such as dropouts, working children, peddlers, and garbage children all over the cities, the phenomenon of child suicide has been added to the ominous hand-made phenomena of this regime.

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Danger Lurks in Society, Iran’s State Media Say

The news of several suicides of children and adolescents in mullah Iran is another page of the stigma of the ideology and current policy of the jurisprudential mullahs.

In the latest examples of the government’s irresponsibility about the life of Iran’s children is the repeated story of the drowning of the children of a neighborhood in Ahvaz in the sewers. In this regard, the state-run daily Aftab-e-Yazd has cited several examples that have been widely reflected in virtual networks and Internet pages. Examples that in fact reflect the indifference and unscrupulousness of government agents towards the health and safety of Iranian citizens, including children.

This article which was published on February 17, 2020 with the title, ‘Danial’s death for which sin!?’ wrote:

“The sad tragedy of the death of children in Ahvaz in the sewage is not complete. Children who say goodbye to their childhood world very soon due to the negligence of the authorities towards this sewage. Danial Nawaseri, a two-year-old boy living in the Darvishiyeh area of ​​Kut Abdullah (Ahvaz), recently lost his life due to falling into the open air of a sewage system.”

Gholamreza Safarnejad, the government director of Ahvaz Water and Sewerage, admits that government officials are careless about the health and safety of the people, along with the history of children drowning in sewage for several years:

“There is an open sewer system in this area and no standard sewer system has been built at all. This August, a one-year-old girl named Sedigheh Heydari lost her life after falling into an open sewer in Ahvaz. Earlier, children such as Mohammad Sadegh Zargani on ‘March 29, 2016’, Mohammad Erfan Obaidavi ‘a one-and-a-half-year-old child on May 9, 2018’ and Ali Barvayeh ‘a three-year-old child on August 13, 2018’ were the victims of the same open raceway.”

The report of the disgraceful record of government agents in politics, municipality and public health has been completed by the users of virtual networks, emphasizing the sacrifice of innocent children in open sewers in a neighborhood of Ahvaz, as follows:

One of the users: “If we had a sewer system, this little boy would be with his family now.”

Other user: “I remember moment by moment my younger brother being pulled out with a head full of blood and mud from the sewers. The pain is that these wells are still taking victims after 20 years.”

Other one: “Is there is no one in Ahvaz to provide four sewage caps?!”

Another user: “Why must Danial die!? Isn’t this an irresponsible sewage that kills innocent children!?”

Another user: “Unless anyone is in Ahvaz, they do not realize how well this city is managed.”