News : Terrorism


By Iran News Update Staff 

On Wednesday, various Iranian officials continued the trend of delivering daily statements and speeches urging a firm anti-Israeli stance on the crisis in the Gaza Strip. Multiple members of the Iranian parliament explicitly endorsed Supreme Leader Khamenei’s request that the Muslim world channel weapons into the hands of Palestinians so that they can expand their fight to the West Bank. Khamenei himself renewed this call to action, as well.

Paradoxically, Fars News Agency reports that in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani claimed that “Iran always stresses using dialogue to resolve regional problems.” Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a conversation with the Malaysian foreign minister, made remarks that could be interpreted as endorsing either “dialogue” or Khamenei’s call for military assistance. He emphasized the need for Muslims to “help the Palestinian people” and “exert pressure on the Zionist regime,” according to Tasnim News Agency.