The Albanian police revealed on Saturday that they had arrested an Iranian intelligence agent for spying on the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in Ashraf 3, Albania, which shows that it is necessary for all European countries to take firm action against Iranian agents.

The arrested agent was revealed to be Bijan Pooladrag, whom the MEK had expelled in September 2019. The Albanian police said he was arrested for:

  • illegal interception of computer data
  • interference in computer systems
  • interference in computer data
  • misuse of equipment

Indeed, he apparently “communicated through a network messaging application, which he used by linking it to the mobile phone numbers” to listen and track the MEK.

On October 11, the Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) wrote that there are many more intelligence agents living in Albania, including Gholam Ali Mirzaei, and Hassan Heyrani, for whom the MEK have already provided records to the relevant authorities.

Inside Iran’s Misinformation Campaign Against MEK in Albania

The regime often uses agents who were expelled from the MEK to give their terrorism some sort of legitimacy and push their baseless lies about the MEK into the mainstream narrative.

So how do the mullahs’ agents facilitate terrorism? Well, the regime places them in embassies across Europe as a cover for their terrorist actions levied against dissidents and most likely MEK members. We know this not just from the MEK’s reports on terrorist activity that they have been subject to, but several reports from the Albanian police since the MEK were relocated there in 2016, including the failed bombing on the 20018 Iranian New Year gathering. (This even led to the expulsion of Iran’s ambassador to Albania and several diplomats.)

Of course, the most well-known example comes from a trial of an Iranian diplomat taking place in Belgium right now regarding the 2018 terror plot against the “Free Iran” gathering in France, attended by 100,000 people. An Iranian diplomat stationed in Vienna, Assadollah Assadi, not only planned the attack and hired the bombers, but he also drove the explosive device to Belgium to personally hand it over to the would-be bombers.

These two examples were thwarted by European police, but so many more, especially assassinations of dissidents have taken place in Europe and no justice has been served.

The NCRI wrote: “The latest arrest of another MOIS [Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security] agent reiterates the need to prosecute and expel the intelligence and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) agents from Europe, especially Iran regime’s embassies which are active in pursuing the regime’s terror plots in European countries.”