Why IRGC should be put on the terror list:

• ongoing support of the Assad regime- which has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians

• attacking residents of the former Camp Liberty

• exporting weapons, money and personnel to other terror cells

Hassan Rouhani’s government has attempted to portray themselves as moderates but moderates do not execute political prisoners, restrict freedoms of the press or make laws to target women, religious minorities and people of different races. That is what dictators do.

The international sanctions against the Iranian Regime had nearly suffocated the IRGC and if they had continued, then a democratic revolution would have been imminent. Following the 2015 nuclear deal, sanctions were eased, essentially breathing life back into the Iranian Regime

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said: “The 37-year-old experience of the destructive and murderous mullahs’ regime in my country has shown that no degree of political and economic concessions, which have been carried out at the expense of the Iranian people, have led to a change of behavior or policies of the Iranian regime either inside or outside of Iran.”

The IRGC will continue to export extremism and terrorism until they are stopped by the international community. 

Michael Ledeen, who served as an advisor to the national security advisor Michael Flynn, throughout the transition, said: “It’s important to find out what are the limits of Russia’s willingness to cooperate with us with regard to Iran.” 

Ledeen and Flynn wrote a book last year, which made the case that Iran must be defeated to end terrorism. 

In it, they wrote: “When it is said that Russia would make an ideal partner for fighting Radical Islam, it behoves us to remember that the Russians haven’t been very effective at fighting jihadis on their own territory, and are in cahoots with the Iranians. In Syria, the two allies have loudly proclaimed they are waging war against ISIS, but in reality, the great bulk of their efforts are aimed at the opponents of the Assad regime.”