They both wanted to strengthen ties between their countries.

Below is a recap of the conversation according to Saud King Salman’s aids.


Last year, Trump said that Gulf States should create safe zones in Syria to protect civilians and King Salaman agreed with the idea.

The White House said in a statement after the conversation: “The Saudi King agreed to support the safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as boosting other propositions to help the many refugees who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict.”


Both men agreed to continue their coalition against ISIS, including financing the War on Terror and developing counter-measures.

 A senior Saudi source told Reuters: “Saudi Arabia is actively involved in the international coalition led by the United States to fight ISIS in Syria. The number of Saudi airstrikes against ISIS comes second in number after the United States.

Iranian Regime

Both men share the same vision regarding Iran’s attempts to destabilise the Middle East and interfere in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

Saudi Economic Goals 

Trump expressed his support for the Saudi Vision 2030 plan and pledged US backing for Saudi Arabia’s economic goals. In the last ten years, trade between Saudi Arabia and the US has risen almost threefold, from $26 billion to $74 billion.

Ongoing Partnership

Both countries agreed to abide by the 2015 Joint Statement which outlined a roadmap of collaboration and cooperation between the two countries, including US protection of Saudi Arabia.