Dehqan stated that these improvements will increase Iran’s “defensive might”. Earlier this year, on March 1st, he announced the regime is determined to secure modern equipment for the Iranian navy. Here are Dehqan’s words on the naval improvements: “In the field of naval industries, we have on the agenda (production of) different classes of vessels and submarines and equipping them with missile systems” Tasnim news agency

Although the focus for this year (which, in Iran, started on March 21nd) is on improvements to the surface-to-surface missile system, Iran will also be producing a new supply of surface-to-air, air-to-surface, and naval missiles. In recent years, Iran has stocked up on radar technology, armored vehicles, tanks, bombs, and torpedoes. Dehqan said this about these other improvements: “What is important for us is increasing (the missiles’) range, precision and their capability to encounter radar offense, and their radar-evading feature”

All of this military posturing comes at a time where there is much tension over Iran’s foreign relations with neighboring countries and the regime’s development of nuclear capabilities. These hawkish military actions can only serve to harm the current round of nuclear negotiations, furthering the possibility of a terrible conflict in the future.